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Even though I am homeless, I am still human

Updated on February 14, 2016

I am still human

And as the rain poured, the ambassadors stayed there until I removed my bedding. They watched as I started walking in the pouring rain, then they laughed. Not really caring that I had no place to go at that time of morning. "Atlanta a city too busy to hate" this is their motto. Atlanta hates and harasses their homeless. The homeless are made to feel like they should not exist, "don't sit here, you can't go there". I was once told that unless I bought a cup of coffee, I could not sit in their precious mall. Although I carried myself with pride and dressed appropriately, the security guards automatically assumed that I am homeless. To answer your question, should you relocate to Atlanta? the answer is No. Only people with six-figures in their bank account will benefit from living here. Atlanta is the worst possible place in the United States to start over, unemployment rate is 6.3 while N. Dakota's unemployment rate is 2.8. Services for the homeless are spread throughout the city, therefore the homeless have to walk and walk and walk. Why not put everything they need in one building?

Atlanta's appearance is superficial. They spend millions of dollars on meaningless toys such as a street car that goes from no where to no where. Atlanta should provided affordable housing for the people who are suffering in the streets. Atlanta is making it hard for those people who don't have money, they would rather give a one-way bus ticket out of their fair city ( courtesy of Travelers Aid) than help a homeless person come up all the way up. The homeless need more than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, they need total support. And, the homeless can't be put in the same category either. There are people who are homeless who are on drugs/alcohol, mental issues, veterans waiting on the VA checks, the elderly waiting on their SSI checks. Then, there are those who simply lost their jobs/homes. The support should be as follows: 1. Housing 2. Food 3. Clothes....these are the basic needs of most people. Once these needs are met, then everything else falls in place. The City of Atlanta and the people who run these so called ministries serve food to the homeless and think that it solves the problem. No, Housing is the main problem.

If the City of Atlanta wants to improve its appearance and get the homeless off the streets, then fix the real problem. I came to Atlanta when I was fifteen and was so impressed I told myself that I would come back and live as an adult. I came back in 1984 as an adult and saw businesses and people were prospering. Now, its more like a concentration camp; a guarded compound for members of ethnic minorities. There are a lot of homeless people with degrees on the streets. Currently Atlanta has 5,600 homeless people. Atlanta's homeless will continue to increase until minimum wage is raised to $15/hr. Atlanta no longer impresses me but vexes me, it is truly the dirty south! Why can't I be treated like the human being that I am? I could use your help, please go to my website and give your support., help me to help others. Thank you.


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