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Skincare luxury no traveler should do without: Decleor Hydra Floral expert mask

Updated on October 28, 2015

Decleor Hydra-Floral expert mask

The whys and wherefores: Learn from me why more can be more when picking out travel skincare

I've been traveling for work for nearly three decades. Certainly, whether staying overnight a couple counties over or weeks in the Middle East or South Pacific, I've learned that packing takes as much planning and careful consideration as designing the itinerary. Sure, I've learned the hard way that many parts of the world do not have porters, bell-hops or even much of a tradition of customer service.

The lifting and shlepping often falls solely on me. It's not easy.

So, for a long time, my pendulum swung too far in the minimalist direction. I shoved outfits and trial packets of toiletries into a backpack. My major wake-up call came when one time, I was a solo violinist at a grand concert hall out of town. I rented a room from an elderly lady who made extra money renting rooms to "young ladies of good character". Written references and cash upfront were required.

The lady also rented out rooms to Southern belles visiting boyfriends out of their hometown, debutantes and other young ladies high up on the social ladder. I noticed that while I had a gown, beauty supplies, heels and stockings shoved all together on my shoulder, several of the young ladies had those vintage steamer trunks you see in old Zsa Zsa Gabor travel photos. Here's the kicker: they were attending my concert! Those young ladies thought more highly of themselves and how they presented themselves to the world than I did . . . and I was the one who was going to be on stage.

It's like they say, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." When you're traveling, you just never know what new people you'll meet and what opportunities may come your way. Sometimes, it may be just a matter of the gate agent picking who gets the upgraded airline seat. That airline seat on a long-haul may mean the difference between starting your journey in style or arriving at your destination, having lost your mind!

Also, we are in the era of selfies. Taking a great-looking picture of ourselves and sharing it on social media is a major part of enjoying our trips now!

I'm urging you to consider traveling with upgraded skincare products.

Using the mask

Decleor Hydra-Floral expert mask is a cream that turns to oil when you massage it onto a cleansed face. You even use it near your eyes, which is innovative in a mask! Leave it on 10 minutes and it rinses away as easily as a night cream -- unlike some clay masks which can stain your towels. It's a clean rinse -- no oil residue remains. They recommend using it once a week.

The tube it comes in is perfectly sized for a 3-1-1 carry-on travel bag.

Your skin will feel hydrated, soft, cleansed but not stripped or irritated. This is a great antidote for plane-ravaged, sleep deprived complexions.

Why is it must-buy? The points of difference

Decleor is a French skincare company; the French have excelled at producing high-end consumer goods and beauty products since the "Sun King", Louis XIV. That's not just puffery on their part -- they had very specific, political goals in upping the luxury ante. The king used others' relentless social climbing and keeping up with the (aristocratic) Jones to render ambitious nobility very, very busy . . . too busy to plan coups. Beauty has been a much more valuable currency ever since.

Decleor was founded in the early 1970's, during the flower child era. It's not surprising that the company focuses on using 100% active and natural essential oils in its products. What was once an interesting pleasantry now appears to be much more important in this time of suspicion of chemicals, artificial ingredients. Also, it has since been discovered that there are healing benefits found merely in the aromatherapy aspects of the products.

Beauty care while traveling

Do you like bringing special beauty products while on the road?

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