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A Small City Park In Middle Tennessee

Updated on August 10, 2016

The Pinkerton Park

A Highly Popular City Park Located In The Heart Of Franklin, Tennessee

Along the Tennessee state highway ninety-six sits a small city park that is very near the downtown Franklin area. The city park has many luscious green shade trees and a total of thirty-four acres of perfectly manicured wide open spaces for all of the locals to enjoy. Beautiful Pinkerton Park is deemed to be the most highly used passive park in the entire city of Franklin park systems. The Harpeth river flows adjacent and straight along the entire western side of the popular park. Some basic facilities at the gorgeous park includes three picnic pavilions, a total of fourteen wooden picnic tables, clean restroom facilities, and even several charcoal grills for cookouts all year-round. Located within the boundaries of the park are a great abundance of wide open green spaces that are ideal for kicking the soccer ball, flying a large kite, throwing the frisbee, playing a fun game of old-fashioned football, or even just tossing the baseball around with a close companion. The well kept restroom facility is located directly behind the famous Tinkerbell playground. A paved one mile pedestrian walking track ecompasses around the entire city park. It definitely makes for the perfect track to walk the dog in the evenings or even taking a pleasant jog during the early hours of morning. Located at the most northern end of the city park sits the ancient civil war fort site that is known as Fort Granger. Be sure to stop by and give the Pinkerton Park a try the next time your cruising through the Franklin, Tennessee area.

The Tinkerbell Playground At Pinkerton Park

A Playground That Was Inspired By A Young Girls Dream

The massive Tinkerbell playground is a large wooden structure that includes many fun activities inside to greatly entertain the small children all year-round. Inside of the gates of Tinkerbell playground one will discover a pirate ship theme, monkey bars, spinning wheels, many colorful art exhibits, swings for all age groups, several climbing structures, tic-tac-toe game boards on the wall, big barrel drums to beat upon, large slides, wooden bridge walks, sandboxes, swinging rope walks, and many little tinker bells to ring aloud. It certainly makes the ideal playground for elementary school field trips. The city of Franklin Park and Recreation workers always perform routine maintenance checks on the large wooden structure each year to insure proper safety for all of the young children. City workers claim that many of the wooden sections will eventually become rotten, sometimes even nearly breaking into, and will often begin to splinter very badly. The yearly maintenance checks of the constructed wooden structure is highly important for many basic safety reasons. Park and Recreation workers are constantly replacing the wooden beams that have splintered badly and often re-bolting the new wooden boards together that have undergone a pressurized weather treatment. The Tinkerbell playground located inside of Pinkerton Park was inspired by a young girls dream, a playground that was envisioned by youthful imaginations, it was fashioned by a caring local community, dedicated with great love for all of the young children, and will always remain in loving memory of the late Sarah Nicole Boucher.

The Pinkerton Park Pedestrian Bridge

The Harpeth River Runs Just Below The Pedestrian Bridge

The infamous Pinkerton Park pedestrian bridge was built on November of 2001 for the local citizens of Franklin, to ensure a commitment to the residents for alternative transportation, and other various forms of recreation located within the city limits. A very slow trickling Harpeth river flows just beneath the constructed metal structure of the famous pedestrian bridge. There is presently one small canoe and kayak waterway entry point located directly inside of Pinkerton Park for only floating the Harprth river via un-motorized paddle boats. Floating along on a river float in the shade on the Harpeth river can be a very peaceful and tranquil experience for park visitors. The favored Pinkerton park pedestrian bridge currently connects to the beautiful downtown Franklin area from the Pinkerton park area. A very popular connection bridge for the cities high volume of pedestrians, cyclist, small business owners, and many other city workers to escape from the dreadful office environment during a lunch break in the city of Franklin, Tennessee

The Fort Granger Civil War Site

A Historic Location Steeped In Deep History Of The Past

On the far northern section of Pinkerton Park lies a short rugged hiking trail that leads slightly upward atop of the Figuers Bluff. Once hiking atop the Figuers Bluff a park visitor can view the ancient civil war site known as Fort Granger. The old civil war site at Fort Granger was built back in the springtime in the year of 1863 by an individual named Captain W.E. Merrill and the United States Corps Of Engineers. During the times of the civil war a man by the name of Major General Gordan Granger occupied the Franklin, Tennessee area. In the ancient days of the civil war the Fort Granger site commanded both the southern and northern approaches to the general area of Franklin. The civil war fort was located directly adjacent to the critically important Tennessee and Alabama railroad bridge. Much artillery located inside of the civil war fort seen action twice in the year of 1863 against the Confederate Calvary Forces during the battle of Franklin on November thirtieth, 1864. In those days, the civil war site served as the main headquarters for a man by the name of Major General John M. Schofield, who was a commander of the United States Forces, and who also possessed an active artillery position at the time.

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The Children's Playground At Pinkerton Park

Much Playground Fun For The Young Children

The Children's playground located inside of Pinkerton Park has much to offer for all of the small children seeking after a great afternoon playtime. Many monkey bars, curly slides, and swings for every age group that will definitely have the small children begging to stay for even longer. The Children's playground located inside of Pinkerton Park has no type of affiliation with the other and much more popular playground known as the Tinkerbell playground. In fact, these are two completely different playground structures located within the beautiful Pinkerton Park. The Children's playground is constructed with simple plastic-made and basic steel-made play structures for the young children to play on. Generally the children will prefer to always play at the Tinkerbell playground first and then eventually head over to the Children's playground last for an excellent grand finale of afternoon playtime fun. The Children's playground is an ideal safe place to help and aid the many weary parents who have children with extra high energy levels.

A Short Video Clip At Pinkerton Park

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A marker405 Murfreesboro Rd. Franklin, Tennessee 37064 -
405 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064, USA
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