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Wonders of Snowfall

Updated on March 23, 2017

Winter is very special time when there is snowfall. I am from Shimla in India where it snows heavily and I enjoys every bit of it. It feels awesome when you are sleeping at night and it is raining outside and you hope that when you wake up in morning ,you see all white.Snowfall has a special charm in itself,it feels like world has stopped and we are witnessing something extra-ordinary.Its a great pleasure watching snow fall as you sit near your window with a cup of tea, surroundings are covered with forest with pine trees and you are trying to listen the silence of the snow flakes.It feels like time has stopped somewhere and all I want to do is to sit calmly leaving behind all worries and tensions.Snowfall makes everything beautiful specially the Pine,Deodar trees as if their mere existence is to hold the snow within them.

And after the snowfall is over more fun begin as we come out of our houses and see the creativity of nature.There is no other sight like you see fresh snow covering trees, they look like beautiful models as if they are given a responsibility by nature to be graceful and lovely,and when first rays of sun shine upon them, it increases the pleasure to our eyes that we cant see often.Snowfall is the one the best gift gift given by nature to mankind, but if we cant protect the immense cutting of trees and forest,what i have said above would be in our dreams only.It is true that trees and forest looks beautiful when snow falls but when there will be no forest and trees then who will hold the beauty of nature,where it suits the best.So if we want to enjoy snowfall and want to the adore art of nature we should respect nature so as we would be given respect by it.


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    • Nrjsh profile image

      Nrjsh 6 years ago from Shimla,India

      Thank you for reading my hub roc6...

    • roc6 profile image

      roc6 6 years ago from Cape Town, South Africa

      Thank You, so beautiful, I have never woken up to snow in the morning, it must be so awesome. You described it wonderfully I could almost feel it.