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Some amazing things to do in Phuket

Updated on January 24, 2016

Phuket is a beautiful island which is part of Thailand and an area that is visited to by many each year from all over the world. Not only do tourists visit it for its beautiful scenery, they also go to carry out some amazing activities whilst they’re there.


Phuket is one of the most breath taking places in the world to go snorkelling. With the sandy beaches and the clear blue oceans, there are few other places that you’d want to carry out this exhilarating task.

With there being snorkelling tours on every weekday and more than enough instructors, you’ll be in your element whether this is your first or tenth time snorkelling and with modest prices, it's something you really don't want to miss out on!

Many people are now taking along action cameras with them, such as GoPros to capture the amazing snorkelling experience that they have. This really is a great way to make it a holiday you’ll always remember. Just be sure to bring a large enough memory card!

Visiting The Big Buddha

For anyone travelling to Phuket, it’s a must that they see the Big Buddah. It is such an amazing and iconic part of the island, much like the Empire State building is in New York and Buckingham Palace is in London.

The Big Buddha itself is a huge landmark in the south of the island and at 45 metres in height it doesn’t go unseen. Covered in Burmese white jade marble, it is really is an amazing structure both in looks and also architecturally.

However, it should be noted that since this is religious monument, you should refrain from wearing anything around it that could be considered as disrespectful. This would include wearing shorts and t-shirts as well as other garments which leave little to the imagination such as swimming trunks when it comes to men and bikinis when it comes to women.

Experience the food

One of the best restaurants in Phuket is Boathouse. Located on Kata Beach, it is both a hotel as well as being a restaurant. The restaurant in question has been rated as 5 stars, and whilst some may deem it to be a tad expensive, the amount of Baht you’re paying in Boathouse is well worth it when you’re having your meal.

However, it’s not just the food that is exceptional. Boathouse has an extensive wine collection that has in excess of 6,000 bottles of wine from over 80 different labels. This in itself is a clear indicator that you are in a high quality restaurant that takes its cuisine and wine seriously.

Muay Thai boxing

Mauy Thai boxing is a much favoured past time in Phuket, and it does differ in some respects from other forms of boxing. The music for instance that accompanies the fighters during the entire bout is something that would never happen in a Vegas boxing match.

The sheer brute strength in a Muay Thai boxing match is also something which needs to be experienced in the flesh, as videos of it simply doesn’t do it justice. In Muay Thai boxing, not only is punching allowed, but kicking is as well which makes it the ultimate, weapons free combat sport. Although due to this, it is probably for the best that young children aren't brought along to watch a match.

Don’t get caught short at the airport

Booking airport transfer Phuket is a must for anyone that wants to get to and from the airport to their destination of choice. Not only is the service modestly priced but you’re given total peace of mind since all of the drives are fully trained and delightful individuals. If you end up getting a coach or hotel organised taxi, you can expect to pay a lot more in the fare when you reach your destination. It's simply a way for the hotel to add a larger markup to their profits.

Don’t bother hiring a car when you’re in Phuket, it’s much too expensive. Instead, let the company that picked you up from the airport transport you around the island to make sure you can enjoy as much of the scenery as possible.

Have you been to Phuket before, or will you be heading there for the first time this year? Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section below!


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