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Someone Blew Up the Clown Again

Updated on November 9, 2017
poetryman6969 profile image

Digital, fractal and cyber art and write about anything I find strange, weird, bizarre or interesting.

Twilight and I wait in a thin line of commuters for the bus. We swipe our bus passes through the card reader and it beeps to let us know that our offering has been accepted and we may pass.

Later as I am sitting and scribbling in the back of the bus I look up and notice a Jack in Box restaurant without the clown. I remember hearing someone on the radio say they blew up the clown again. You never know about those radio talk show hosts since they make stuff up but I remember something about Jack in the Box blowing up the clown and going with some other logo. Some cursive script by the look of it.

The Holographic Universe

It turns out that you don't need 3D glasses to see the universe. It's actually 2D.  The third D is an illusion.

I vaguely remember some mathematical theorem, Stokes or Green perhaps, that you could know all you needed to know about the interior of some object by walking on it's surface.  That is what they are saying about our universe.  You can find all the useful information you need on the 2 dimensional surface of the universe.

Such an odd notion when the String theory guys seem to be pulling extra dimensions out of their behinds

Permanent Circus

It's a Texas thing or maybe a Dallas thing. A big circle, bigger than your house, parked unaccountably by the side of the road means we are passing a permanent circus. The carnival that has inserted itself here rather than passing through as regular sideshows do. A circus has half buried itself in the earth at the edge of town. it's open for business--selling that pink, hairy barf smelling cotton candy that will soon be stuck all over the back seat of some hapless recreational vehicle.

A More Useful Universe

Sometimes I wonder if when we crack the code that lets us have access to other timelines, dimensions and universes will we be able to use it to swap lives with our counterparts and doppelgangers in other climes who are younger and more successful than ourselves. In exchange our poor doubles will get our craptastic lives of quiet desperation. Or worse, some jerk who is living an ever worse life than you swaps with you and you find your self knee in crap waiting for the axe to fall.


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