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South Dakota: Keystone

Updated on September 6, 2021
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I started my genealogy search when I was in 8th grade. DNA testing led me to Saint Luke, Napoleon Bonaparte, & Marie Antoinette.

Since finding out through DNA testing that my paternal haplogroup led me straight to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; (I was close to my grandfather, and I always thought he looked a lot like Abraham Lincoln without the height. Now I know why!) I decided to take a trip to Keystone South Dakota. It was an amazing trip; being able to travel 80 mph was a great stress reliever.

I stayed right in the heart of Keystone. My dog and I walked 6 miles in two days. It gave her the opportunity to see the world the only way a dog knows how. Through her sense of smell. She had a great time too. She received a free dog toy from the Keystone Mall. (Yes, the Mall was dog friendly.) We will, definitely, be doing more of things like this, as I continue to find my Native American roots.

Mount Rushmore

Dogs sense of smell (In route to Keystone)

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse continues to need donations to continue its construction. If you decide to go to Crazy Horse, you get to pick out your own piece of Crazy Horse to take home with you for a donation.

Crazy Horse still had snow on the ground when we went in May. I took a picture of it as proof for my family. (I won't put it here.)

Crazy Horse

Fighting horses

Black Hills

Little did I know that the gate near the Crazy Horse Museum would be similar to the doors to enter the Cahokia Mounds Museum. Coincidence? I don't think so. From the books that I have bought at the Cahokia Mounds Museum, some Native American Indian tribes do marry into other tribes. Of course they do, because how was a metis like me created? And the many metis before me....

Black Hills

Keystone, South Dakota

Keystone was a mining town. They have a few streets named after miners' last names. One name sticks out. Roy. However, when I spoke to someone at a gift shop, who was a member of their Historical Society she mentioned that no one knew who the street was named after.

Word all through this town is that Laura Ingalls Wilder's little sister, Carrie, married David Swanzey, who does have a street named after him in Keystone. However, David Swanzey was born in St Louis, right around the time when there were several Roys living in the St Louis area.

This is the second time that I have found my maiden name connected to a street name. It has always been in the vicinity a Native American area.

I have more places to go find ancestral connection.


Roy Street

Native Views leaving South Dakota

What a breathtaking view of the Missouri River as I was leaving South Dakota. It was always a delight to have something beautiful to see at most of the rest areas.

You are beautiful, South Dakota. I hope to visit again soon.

Native American views

Missouri River

Rest area


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