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Spanish Lesson Eighty-Nine: Inexpensive International Travel

Updated on June 9, 2014

International Travel Checklist

  • Passport
  • Immunization Records
  • Ticket
  • Foreign Currency
  • Driver's Liscense
  • Personal Identifiers (list of allergies, etc)
  • Appropriate Attire (for weather conditions)
  • Currency Calculator
  • Dictionary (English-Spanish, e.g.)


Today's lesson is much like last week's. If you'll notice, I've created another lesson to be completely informative outside of the realm of just speaking Spanish. Today, I want to talk about international travel and how make it affordable to just about anyone.

I think this lesson will help you determine ways to travel to foreign countries and actually become immersed. Check out some things you'll need for your trip. There is a detailed list on the website link provided in the "References" section.

An Example of a United States Passport
An Example of a United States Passport | Source

Finding The Best Deals For International Travel

Finding the best deals for international travel can be just as tricky as finding a good deal for a domestic flight. When looking for deals, learn the ropes of how the deals are published and how often. It's been said that looking a week ahead of your flight will help because the ticket will be cheaper. It's also been said that buying earlier is better. How do we really know? Well there are a lot of ways to get great prices on flights. Check out some of the options below.

  • Fly Standby: Learn the stipulations from the airline of your choice, buy your ticket, and only bring carry-on luggage. Arrive early, go through security, and secure a seat!
  • Buy Directly From Airline: Buy your ticket directly from the airline's website or on location
  • Use a 3rd Party: Buy your ticket through a 3rd party site that offers competitive prices from various airlines.
  • Get A Buddy Pass: Do this by determining when you can fly, buying your ticket through your contact at the airline, book the earliest flight, dress according to buddy pass's recommendations, arrive early, receive boarding pass, and wait to be called to board the plan.
  • Use A Travel Agency: Visit a local travel agent who can find you the best possible prices for your desired destination and organize all of your needs for the trip. Agents have your best interests in heart, educates its staff to help you better, and always go the extra mile when it comes to helping clients.
  • Travel With A Missions Group: If you are religious and want to share your faith with others internationally, travel to exotic locations by going with a missions group. This could be an opportunity to share your faith and see other parts of the world. Generally, it can be somewhat cheaper if sponsored by an outside company or church affiliate.
  • Study Abroad: Travel expenses can be cut considerably if traveling for school purposes. Contact your school for information about studying aboard.

Have You Traveled Outside of The Country?

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Preparing For International Travel

Traveling internationally is no easy fix due to the fact that every country has its rules about traveling to their country. There can be quite a deal of complication and confusion if you don't do your research about the country's wants and needs. Earlier, there was a checklist compiled to help you get ready for the trip. This particular section builds on that and can give you and understand of why certain things are needed when traveling to other countries.

This section was derived from an internet resource. This reference is cited in the "References" section of this article.

Health and Security

  • Ensure that you have had all necessary vaccinations and that your health coverage will work overseas in case there is an emergency
  • Take copies of your passport and leave one at home in case your passport is lost or stolen. Keep a hold of your important documents


  • Know the conversion rates in the country you're visiting
  • Go to a bank in that country to avoid bogus fees from airport facility ATMs
  • Bring cash
  • Be aware of any excess fees you may have to pay
  • Ensure that your credit card provider/bank is aware of your international trip to avoid disruption of your financial services


  • Carry clothes in your carry-on in case your bags get lost

Brasilia, Brazil
Brasilia, Brazil | Source
Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok,Thailand
Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok,Thailand | Source

Great International Destinations

When traveling to other countries, it's prudent to research your destinations thoroughly. The things that may be important to you may include climate, culture, food, geographical location, nightlife, tourism, etc. Always research your destination before buying a ticket and preparing for the flight. You can always find great ideas for destinations by looking through travel magazines or simply searching through Google.

If you want to find out some great destinations, check out U.S. New's Travel Section.


Thank you so much for reading this week's lesson. We will resume Spanish Grammar next week by discussing the Pluscuamperfect de Subjuntivo. Thank you for reading these last two lessons and absorbing the knowledge I have had to share.

Thanks so much! See you next week! Same time, same place!

© 2014 A.E. Williams


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