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Simple Spanish For Resort Vacationers

Updated on February 7, 2011

Heading off on holidays? Want to quickly learn some simple Spanish words and sentences to use there? Read this article, and you'll be well on your way. After writing my in-dept review of the Melia Cayo Santa Maria hotel resort with nearly 100 pictures included, I decided to write this article to learn how to better communicate with and get my desires across to the resort staff on my next vacation at my new favourite vacation destination, Cuba.

This article is intended to be a helpful, mini guide filled with useful Spanish phrases and words to use while resort vacationing. It's tailored to vacationing at resorts, and covers the Spanish you would need while eating at the buffet restaurant, sipping Mojitos at the bar, signing up for activities and so on. The phrasing is informal, because frankly, who is formal while on vacation. I’ve also included my own version of pronunciation to make saying the words as easy as possible, and underlined the parts of a word that should be emphasized when speaking. Any errors and omissions you'll have to forgive.

As always, I enjoy getting your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments below . If you know an easier way to say something in Spanish, let me know. Let's begin:


In Latin countries, it is common to kiss people on both cheeks when you meet. Between men there are hand shakes or hugs.

Good morning = ¡Buenos dias!
-say this until noon, 12:00PM
(pronounced bu-wen-nos dee-ass)

Good afternoon = ¡Buenos tardes!
-say this after noon 1:00 PM
(pronounced bu-wen-nos tarr-dess)

Good evening = ¡Buenos noches!
-say this in the evening after 9PM
(pronounced bu-wen-nos no-chess)


Day = el dia( ell dee-ah)

Days = los dias( los dee-ass)

Now = ahora ( a-how-rra)

Today = hoy ( oye)

Tomorrow = la mañana
(la man-nee-yah-na)

Day after tomorrow =
pasado mañana
(pa-sad-doe man-nee-yah-na))

Yesterday = ayer ( ah-year)

This week = esta semana
( ess-sta say-maw-na)

Next week = la semana próxima
(la say-man-na prrox-e-ma)


Hi / Hello = ¡Hola! ( oh la)

Good afternoon = ¡Buenos tardes!
( bu-wen-nos tarr-des)

How are you? = ¿Cómo estás?
( co-mo ess-tass)

Fine, and you? = Estoy bien ¿y tú?
( s-toy bee-n. e too)

Well, thank you = Bien, gracias
( bee-en, grra-see-ass)

Good = Bueno (bu-when-no)

Do you speak English? =
¿Habla usted inglés?
(ab-la oo-stead in-glaice)

I`m sorry, I only speak a little Spanish =
Lo siente, hablo sólo un poco español
(low see-en-tay, ab-low sew-low oon po-co ess-pan-nee-ol)

I don’t understand Spanish =
No comprendo español
(no com-pren-doe ess-pan-nee-ol)

Please speak slowly =
por favor, hable más lentamente
(porr fa-borr, ab-lay mass len-ta-men-tay)

What are you doing today? =
¿Qué haciendas hoy?
(kay ah-see-en-das oye)

Nothing much, you? =
Nada mucho, y tu.
(naw-the moo-chow, ee-two)

We're going to the beach =
Vamos a la playa
(va-mose a la plad-ya)

Have fun! = ¡Diviertas!

Thanks, have a good day =
Gracias ¡Buen dia!
(grra-see-ass bu-when dee-ah)

Same to you = Igualmente

Until later! = ¡Hasta luego!
(ass-ta loo-eh-go)

See you tomorrow =
¡Hasta mañana!
(ass-ta man-nee-yah-na)

Goodbye = ¡Adios! (ah-thee-os)

Bye = ¡Chao! (chow)

Minute = el minuto
Minutes = los minutos

Morning = la mañana
(la man-nee-yaw-na)

Noon = el mediodia
(ell may-they-oh-ree-ah)

Midnight = la medianoche
(la may-the-ah no-chay)

Hour = la hora
Hours = las horas

*in the morning = de la mañana
(day la man-neey-aw-na )

*in the afternoon = de la tarde
(day la tarr-day)

*in the evening = de la noche
(day la no-chay)

When speaking of clock time, use the words "in the morning", "in the afternoon" and "at night" with the hour to differentiate between morning, noon and night.

What time is it? =
¿Qué hora es? (kay oh-rra ess)

It's 8 am =
Son las ocho de la mañana
(sonn lass oh-choe day la man-nee-yaw-na )

It's 4:15 am =
Son las cuatro y cuartro de la mañana
(sonne lass quat-trro e quat-trro day la man-neeyaw-na )

It's 1:45 pm =
Son las cuatro menos dos de la tarde
(sonn lass quat-trro may-noss doss day la tarr-day)

It's 3:30 pm =
Son las tres y media de la tarde
(sonne lass trraize e may-the-ah day la tarr-day)

It's 5 o'clock =
Son las cinco en punto
(sonn lass sink-co en poon-toe)

It's 9 pm =
Son las nueve de la noche
(sonn lass new-eh-vay day la no-chay )

It's 10:30 pm =
Son las diez y media de la noche
(sonn lass dee-aiz e may-the-ah day la no-chay)



  • Cuba is the largest and most western Caribbean island; 3 times larger than Hispaniola (Haiti/Dominican Republic), 9 times larger than Jamaica, and 12 times larger than Puerto Rico. To Cuba's South is Jamaica, North is Florida, East is Hispaniola and West, the Yucatan Peninsula.

Appetizers = el aperitivo
(eh la-pay-re-tee-vo))

Snacks = las meriendas
(las may-re-en-dass)

A meal = la comida
(la co-me-the)

Breakfast = el desayuno
(ell day-sigh-you-no)

Lunch = el almuerzo
(eh lal-moo-air-sew)

Dinner = la cena
( la say-nah)

Buffet = el bufé (ell boo-fay)

courtesy meliacayo
courtesy meliacayo


Plate = plato (plat-toe)
Saucer = platillo( pla-tee-yo)
Bowl = bol (bol)
Cup = la taza ( ta-sa)
Glass = el vaso (el ba-sew)

Salad bowl = la ensaladera

Fruit bowl = el frutero
(el froo-tay-ro)



Utensils = los utensilios
(los who-ten-see-lee-oh)

Knife = el cuchillo (ell coo-chee-yo)
Fork = el tenedor (ell teh-nay-door)
Spoon = la cuchara (la coo-char-ra)

Tongs = la tenaza (la tay-ma-sa)
Butter knife =cuchillo de mantequillo
(coo-chee-yo day man-tay-key-yo)


Yes, I'm hungry =
Si, tengo hambre
(see, teng-go am-brray)

It tastes very good =
sabe muy buen
(sa-vay moo-ee bwen)

Is there any more? =
¿Hay más (eye mass)

What is that? =
¿Que es esto? (case toe?)

Yes, you can take my plate =
Si. llévatelo mi plato
(see, yeah-bay-the-low me pla-to)

I enjoyed the meal very much =
Me gusté mucho la comida
(may goose-tay moo-choe la co-me-tha)

When does the snack bar open? =
¿A qué hora hace el snack-bar abierto?
(ah kay aura ass el snack-bar ah-vee-air-toe)

When does the restaurant close?
= ¿Cuándo cierra el restaurante
(quan-doe see-airr-ra el res-tal-raunt-tay)

Where is the Mediterranean restaurant? =
Dónde está el restaurante Mediterráneo
(Done-day es-ta el rest-tal-raunt-tay May-dee-ta-ran-nee-oh )


courtesy breakfastwithnick
courtesy breakfastwithnick


Is there any more ? = ¿Hay más? (eye mass)

Another coffee please =
Otro café por favor
(oh-trro ka-fay pore fa-borr)

I would like orange juice, please =
Me gustaría jugo de naranja, por favor
(may goose-tar-ee-ah who-go day nah-ran-ka pore fa-borr)

I'll have two eggs, toasts and tea, please =
Habré dos huevos, pan tostado y té, por favour
(ah-vray dos way-bows kon pan tos-ta-dos ee tay pore fa-borr)

Scrambles eggs for me, thanks = Para mi, los huevos revueltos, gracias
(pa-rra may los way-bows rray-boo-el-toes, gra-see-ass)

I'd like my sausage cooked some more = Quisiera mi chorizo más cocinado
(key-see-air-rra me cho-re-zo mass co-see-nad-tho)

Can you bring more napkins, please = Me traer mas servilletas por favor
(poo-eh-day trra-air mass sair-vee-yet-tas porre fa-borr)


courtesy topnews
courtesy topnews


Jelly = la jalea (ha-lay-ah)

Jam = la mermelada
(la mer-may-la-the)

Marmalade = mermelada de naranja
(la mer-may-la-the day na-ran-ka)

Syrup =el almibar (ell al-me-var)

Honey = miel (mee-el)

Sugar = asuzcar (ah-zoo-car)

Salt = Sal (sawl)

Black pepper = pimienta

Butter = mantequilla

Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay)

Peanut butter =
mantequilla de cacahuete
(la man-tay-key-ya day kaka-way-tay)

Napkin = la servilleta
(la sair-vee-yet-ta)


Breakfast = el desayuno
( ell day-sigh-you-no)

Cereal = el cereal (ell say-ray-al)

Oatmeal = la avena (lah-bee-na)


Eggs = Huevos ( way-bows)

Soft boiled Eggs = Huevos tibios
( way-bows tee-vee-os)

Scrambled Eggs = Huevos revueltos
( way-bows rray-boo-el-toes)

Hard boiled Eggs = Huevos duros
( way-bows do-rruss)

Fried Eggs = Huevos fritos
( way-bows free-toes)

Omelette = la tortilla de huevos
(la tort-tee-ya day way-bows)


Bread = el pan ( ell pann)

Toast = pan tostado
(pann toes-ta-doe)

Bread roll = el panecillo
(ell pan-ne-see-yo)

French toast = Tostadas franceses
(toes-ta-das fran-chay-zays)

Pancakes = crepes (crraipe)

Muffin = el bollo
(ell bow-yo)


Bacon = el tocino
(el toe-see-no)

Ham = el jamón (el ha-mon)

Sausage = el chorizo
(ell cho-riz-zoe)



Coffee = café (ka-fay)

Coffee with milk = café con leche
(ka-fay kon lay-chay)

Coffee black = café solo
(ka-fay sol-low)

Cuban coffee = café Cubano
ka-fay coo-va-no)

Cappuccino = capuchino

Expresso = espresso

courtesy cafeorganic
courtesy cafeorganic


Milk = la leche (la lay-chay)

Condensed milk=leche condensada
(la lay-chay con-den-sa-da)

*with milk = con leche (con lay-chay)


Water = la agua (lagg-wah)

Coconut water = agua de coco (lagg-wah day ko-co)

Juice = jugo (who-go)

Orange juice = jugo de naranja
(who-go day na-ran-ka)

Apple juice = jugo de manzana
(who-go day man-san- na)

Mango juice = jugo de mango
(who-go day mang-go)

Guava juice = jugo de guayaba
(who-go day gua java)

Grape juice = jugo de uva
(who-go day ooh-va)

Lemonade = la limonada
(la lee-mon-nad-the)

Lime juice = Jugo de lima
(who-go day lee-ma)


Tea = el té (ell tay)

Mint tea = el té de menta
(ell tay day men-ta)

Green tea = té verde
(ell tay vairr-day)

Iced tea = el té helado
(ell tay eh-lad-tho)


courtesy foodproperties
courtesy foodproperties


  • Cuban meals derive from a combination of many cultures; Spanish, Caribbean, Tainos and Ciboney natives, African and Asian cuisines to name just a few, all rolled together.

  • Traditional Cuban meal staples include pork or beef, vegetables such as plantains and tubers, rice and beans.

  • Mojo is a Cuban sauce that is made with olive oil, chopped onions, garlic, salt, a few spices including oregano and cumin, and sour orange juice.



Yes, you can take my plate = Si, llévatelo mi plato
(see, yeah-bay-the-low me plat-toe)

I'll have two please = Tomare dos, por favor (toe-marr doss porre fa-borr)

What time does the restaurant open for lunch? =
¿Cuándo hace el restaurante abierto para el almuerzo?
(quan-doe ah-say ell res-toe-rant-tay ah-bee-air-toe parr-ra al-moo-air-so)

Excuse me, can I have a knife? = ¿Perdón, me podrías traer un cuchillo?
(pear-donne, me po-drree-ass try-er oon coo-chee-yo)

What is the name of this fish? = ¿Que es se nombre de este pescado?
(kay ess say nome-brray day ess-tay pess-ka-doe )

What is this? = ¿Que es esto? (case toe?)

Can I have another? = ¿Me traes otro? (me try-ess oh-trro)



Mayonnaise = mayonesa
(la ma-joe-nay-sa)

Ketchup = salsa de tomate
(sal-sa day toe-mat-tay)

Mustard =la mostaza

Salt = Sal (sawl)

Black pepper = la pimienta
(la pee-me-en-ta)

Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay)

Vinegar = el vinagre
(ell vee-nag-grray)

courtesy stanfordwelsphere
courtesy stanfordwelsphere


*Fried = frito (free-toe)

*Stuffed = relleno (ray-yen-no)

*Grilled = a la plancha
(a la plan-cha)

*Breaded = empanizado

*in garlic = al mojo de ajo
(al moe-yoe deh a-yo)

*in cream sauce= a la crema
(a la krray-ma)

*with bacon = con tocino
(con toe-chee-no)

*with cheese= con queso
(con quay-sew)

*with mushrooms =
con champiñones
(con cham-pee-nee-o-ness)

*with gravy = con salsa (con sal-sa)


Lunch =el almuerzo
(el al-muweer-sew)

Food/Meal = la comida

Sandwich =el sandwich
(el san-way-itch)

Pastry = empanada

Salad = ensalada

French fries = las papas fritoes
(las pa-paahs free-toes)

Hot dog = el perro caliente
(ell pay-rrow ka-lee-en-tay)

hamburger= la hamburguesa
(la am-bure-gay-sa)


Soup(s) = sopa(s)
(sew-pa (pas)

Soup of the day = Sopa del dia
(sew-pa del dee-ah)

Broth = caldo

Lentil soup = sopa de lenteja
(sew-pa day len-take-ha)

Fish soup = sopa de pescado
(sew-pa day pess-ka-doe)

Onion soup = sopa de cebolla
(sew-pa daysay-vol-yah)


Meat = ternera

Turkey = el pavo (ell pa-bow)

Chicken = el pollo (ell poe-yoe)

Beef = res (rraise)

Steak = bistec (bees-tech)

Shreaded beef stew = ropa vieja
(roe-pa bee-eh-ha)

Pork = cerdo (sairr-doe)

Pork chops = chuletas


Fried fish =pescado frito
(pess-ka-doe free-toe)

Fish stew = guiso pescado
(gui-sew pes-ka-doe)

Fish =el pescado (ell pess-ka-doe)

Filete de pescado = fish fillet
(fee-lay-teh day pess-ka-doe)


guava fruit
guava fruit


Vegetables = verdura

Potato = la patata (la pa-ta-tah)

Sweet potato = el boniato (ell bun-knee-yat-toe)

Carrots = las zanahorias
(las san-na-ore-ree-ass)

Onions = las cebollas
(las say-vol-yahs)

Garlic = el ajo (eh la-ho)

Corn = el maíz(ell my-eace)

Bell pepper = aji (ah-he)

Beans = los fríjoles
(los free-koll)

Black beans = los fríjoles negros
(los free-koll nay-grow)


Fruit(s) = fruta(s) (froo-ta(s))

Bananas = los plátanos
(los pla-tan-nose)

Coconut = el coco (ell coe-coe)

Custard apple = chirimoya
(la chee-bee-moe-ja)

Grapes = las uvas (las ooh-vas)

Grapefruit = la toronja
(la toe-ronne-ha)

Guava = la guayaba (la gua-java)

Lemon = el limón (ell lee-monne)

Lime = lima (ell lee-ma)

Mango = el mango (ell mang-go)

Melon = el melón (may-lonne)

Orange = la naranja (la naw-ran-ha)

Papaya =papaya (pa-pad-ya)

Pear = la pera (la pay-ra)

Pineapple = la piña (la peen-yah)

Plantains =llantén (los jan-tens)

Strawberries = las fresas
(las fray-sass)

Tomato = el tomate (el toe-mat-tays)

Watermelon = la sandía
(la sand-dee-ya)


courtesy womensday
courtesy womensday


  • The Cuban meal "ropa vieja," which looks like and translates to "old clothes," is a delicious traditional meal of shredded beef shank and rice with peas.

  • Sofrito is a fried Cuban seasoning using onions, oregano, garlic, green peppers, black pepper and olive oil. Olive oil is the most used cooking oil .



I'd like my steak well done = Quisiera mi bistec bien cocinado
(key-see-air-ra me biss-tech co-see-nad-tho)

What's for dessert? = ¿Qué hay de postre?
(kay eye day pos-trray)

We're ready to order now =
Estamos listos hacer nuestro pedido
(ess-sta-moce lis-tose a-sair new-ess-trro pay-dee-though)

Is there any apple pie left? = ¿Hay algún pastel de manzana restante
(eye al-goon pass-tell day man-san-na rest-tant-tay)

Does that dish have pork in it? = ¿Hace este plato tiene cerdo en eso?
(a-say ess-tay plat-toe tee-en-nay sairr-doe en ess-sew)



Ketchup = salsa de tomate
(sal-sa day toe-mat-tay)

Salt = Sal (sawl)

Black pepper = la pimienta
(la pee-me-en-ta)

Hot pepper sauce = salsa picante (sal-sa pee-kant-tay)

courtesy icuban
courtesy icuban


Fresh fruit = la fruta fresca
(la froo-ta frresk-ka)

Fruit plate = el plato de fruta
(ell pla-toe deh froo-ta)

Yoghurt = yogur
(joe-gore )

Apple pie = pastel de manzana
(pass-tell day man-san-na)

Cake = pastel

Cookies = las galletas (las gal-yet-tas)

Macaroon =el macarrón
(ell mac-ka-rronne)

Bread pudding = pudin de pan
(pu-din day panne)

Sweet potato pudding = Boniatillo (bon-nee-ah tee-yo)

Ice cream =el helado
(ell eh-la-though)

courtesy dailytrojan
courtesy dailytrojan


Dinner = cena (say-na)

Rice = arroz (ah-ross)

Brown rice = arroz integral
(ah-ross in-tay-grralle)

Fried rice = arroz frito
(ah-ross free-toe)


Chicken = pollo (poe-yo)

Fried chicken = pollo fritos
(poe-yoe free-toes

Breaded chicken =
pollo empanizado
(poe-yo m-pa-ni-sa-doe)


Meat = ternera

Beef = res (rraise)

Steak = bistec (bees-tech)

Shreaded beef = ropa vieja
(roe-pa bee-eh-ha)

Pork = cerdo (sairr-doe)

Pork chops = chuletas

Lamb = el cordero (el coor-day-roe)

Veal = la ternera (la tay-nairr-ra)


Fish = el pescado
(ell pess-ka-doe)

Fried fish = pescado frito
(pess-ka-doe free-toe)

Fish stew = guiso pescado
(gui-sew pes-ka-doe)

Red snapper = el pargo rojo
(ell parr-go row-hoe)

Filete de pescado = fish fillet
(fee-lay-teh dayh pess-ka-doe)

Fishsticks = barritas de pescadoes
(las bar-rree-tass day pess-ka-does)


Seafood = los maricos
(los marry-koss)

Crab = el cangrejo (ell can-grrec-co)

Clams = la almejas (lal-may-ka)

Lobster = langosta (la lang-go-sta)

Shrimp = camarón (el ca-ma-rronne)

Oysters = la ostras (los-trras)

Squid = el calamar (ell ka-la-marr)

Swordfish = el pez espada
(ell paiss ess-spad-the)

Salmon = el salmon (ell sal-monne)

Shark = el tiburón
(ell tee-voo-ronne)



  • "Guantanamera," one of the most popular Cuban songs, is about a man who lost the love of a peasant girl from Guantanamo.
  • Rumba, Mambo and Cha-Cha are dances/music that originate from Cuba, but they also created the Tango, Son, Bolero, Conga, and more.


Another round, please = Otra ronda, por favor.
(oh-trra ronn-da porr fa-borr)

Cheers! = ¡Salud! (sa-lude)

Can I get some ice, please? = ¿Me traes algún hielo, por favor?
(may trry-ess al-goon e-ello)

I would like to request a song? = ¿Quisiera pedir una canción?
(key-sair-rah pay-deer oon-na can-see-onn)

Can I get a beer please? = ¿Me podrías traer una cerveza por favor?
(may poe-dree-as trry-er oon-na sairr-bay-sa porre fa-borr)

Give me another one, please = Déme otro, por favor
(day-may oh-trro, porr fa-borr)


courtesy meliacayo
courtesy meliacayo


Cocktail = cóctel (cock-tell)

Champagne = el champán
(ell cham-pann)

Champagne and orange juice = champán y jugo naranja
(cham-pann y who-go na-rran-ka)

Mojito = el mojito (ell moe-he-toe)

Margarita = margarita

courtesy bestlarestaurants
courtesy bestlarestaurants


Bar = el bar (ell barr)

Disco = la discoteca
(la disco-tech-ah)

Barstool = el taburete
(el ta-boor-rray-tay)

Waiter = camarero or señor

Waitress = camarera or señorita

Table = la mesa (la may-sa)

Music = la música (la moose-see-ka)

Muscian = el músico
(ell moose-see-co)

Song =la canción (la kan-see-onn)


Ice = el hielo (ell e-ello)

Drink = bebida (bay-vee-the)

Alcoholic drink = bebida alcoholica
(bay-vee-the al-co-oh-lee-ka)

Bottle of wine = botella de vino
(la bow-tay-ya day bee-no)

Red wine = el vino tinto
(ell bee-no teen-toe)

White wine = el vino blanco
(ell bee-no blawnk-co)

Beer = la cerveza (la sairr-bay-sa)

Rum and coke = ron y Coca-cola
(rronn e coca-cola)

Vodka =vodka (vod-tka)

Cognac = coñac (co-nee-ack)

Gin and tonic = gin tonic

Rye = centeno (sen-ten-no)

Scotch = escocés (ess-co-says)

Tequila = tequila (tay-keel-la)

Whiskey = whisky (wiss-ski)



At what time does the lesson start? = ¿A qué hora empieza la lección?
(ah kay oh-rra em-pay-za la lex-see-on)

When does archery begin? = ¿Cuándo comienza el tiro con arco?
(quan-doe com-men-sa ell teer-rro con are-co)

Call a taxi for me please = Por favor, llame a un taxi para mí
(porre fa-borr, ja-may a oon taxi pah-rra may)

Where's the spa? = ¿Dónde está el spa? (donne-day ess-sta ell spa)

How much does it cost? = ¿Cuánto cuesta? (quan-toe quest-ta)

Can I smoke here? = ¿puedo fumar aquí? (pu-way-doe foo-mar ah-key)

How long is the excursion? = ¿Cuánto dura la excursión?
(quan-to do-rra la ex-coo-see-onn )

Where is the nearest bathroom? = ¿Dónde está el baño más cercano?
(donn-day ess-sta ell ban-nee-yo mass seer-kan-no)


courtesy worldtravel
courtesy worldtravel


Car rental = alquiler de coches
(al-key-lair day co-chay)

Diving = buceo (boo-say-oh)

Excursions = excursións

Go fishing = a pescar (ah pess-karr)

Hiking = excursionismo

Scuba diving = el submarinismo
(ell soo-ma-rin-niss-mo)

Tours = las giras (las he-rras)

Tourist attractions =
atraccións turísticas
(ah-track-see-ons too-riss-tee-kas)

Tour guide = guía turístico (male)
(ghee-ha too-riss-tee-co)


Activity = la actividad
(la ak-tee-vee-dal)

Archery = el tiro con arco
(ell thee-row con are-co)

Baseball = béisbol (base-bol)

Beach volleyball =balonvolea de playa
(ell va-lon-voe-lay-ah day-pla-ya)

Bicycles = las bicicletas
(lass bee-see-clay-tas )

Exercise = el ejercicio
(ell eh-hair-see-see-oh)

Lessons = las lección (las lex-see-ons)

Pedal boat = bote de pedal
(bow-tay day pay-thal)

Snorkeling = snorkeling

Sports = deportes

Swimming = la natación
(la na-ta-see-on)

Swimming pool = la picina
(la pee-see-na)

Tennis = tenis (ten-neice)

Tennis court = cancha de tenis (can-cha day ten-neice)

Water skiing = esquí náutico
(ell les-ski now-tee-co)

Water sports = el deporte náutico
(ell day-poor-tay now-tee-co)



  • Cuban cigars are said to be some of the best in the world; highly prized for their distinct flavour and smoothness.

  • Cohiba, the best known brand of Cuban cigars is only produced in limited quantities from first quality leaves harvest.



Please clean the bathtub, please. = Por favor, limpie la bañera.
(porr fa-vorr lim-pee la van-nee-air-rrah)

Could we get an extra pillow? = ¿Nos trae una almohada adicional?
(noss trry-eh oon-na al-moe-ah-the ah-dee-see-ion-al)

Could we get a wake-up call at 6AM? =
Nos podríamos traer una llamada de despertarse en las seis de la mañana?
(noss poe-dree-ah-moss trry-air oon-na ja-mad-the day des-pair-tarr-say en las saize day la man-nee-yaw-na, porr fa-borr)

I'd like to get some fresh towels = Quisiera algunas toallas nuevas
(key-see-airr-ra al-goo-nas toe-eye-yas new-eh-vas )

There's something wrong with the safe = Hay algo mal con la caja fuerte
(eye al-go mal con la ka-ha foo-wair-tay)

There's no hot water in room 30 = No hay agua caliente en la habitación treinta
(no eye ah-gwah ka-lee-en-tay an la ah-bee-ta-see-on trrent-ta)




To wash clothes = lavarse la ropa (la-var-say la row-pa)

Laundry = lavandería (la la-van-day-ria)

Room service = servicio a la habitación (sair-vee-see-oh a lah-vee-ta-see-on)

Maid/cleaner = persona de limpieza (pair-sew-na day lim-pee-eh-sa )

Bellboy = botón (bow-tonn)


Hotel room = la habitación

Bathroom = elbaño (ell ba-nee-yo)

Dirty = sucio (sue see-oh)

Shower =la ducha ( la do-cha)

Sink = el lavabo (ell la-ba-bow)

Soap = el jabón (ell ha-bon)

Towels = las toallas ( las toe-eye-yas)

Safe = la caja fuente (la ka-ha foo-en-tay)

Hot water =el agua caliente
(ell ah-gwah ka-lee-n-tay)

Bed sheets = las sábanas de camas
(las sa-wah-nas day ka-mas )

Toilet paper = el papel higiénico
(ell paw-pell e-gee-eh-nee-co)

Air conditioner = aire acondicionador
(aire ah-con-dee-sion-na-door)


How much does this cost? =¿Cuánto cuesta esto?
(quan-toe quest-ta ess-toe?)

What is that? = ¿Que es esto? (case ess-toe?)

It’s too small for me = Me queda chico (may keh-the chee-co)

It’s too big for me = Me queda grande (may keh-the grran-day)

It doesn’t fit me = No me queda (no may keh-the)

I'll take it = Yo lo tomaré (jaw low toe-marr-eh)

What do you have? = ¿Qué tienes? (kay tee-eh-ness)

That's too much = Esto es demasiado (ess-toe ess day-mass-see-ah-tho)




Art = el arte (ell art-tay)

Abstract art = el arte abstracto
(ell art-tay ab-stract-toe)

Jewelry = las joyas (lass hoy-ass)

Anklet = la ajorca (la-hore-ka)

Bracelet = el brazalete
(ell bra-sa-lay-tay)

Necklace = el collar (ell co-jarr)

Ring = el anillo (ell ah-knee-yo)


Bathing suit = un traje de baño
(oon trra-hay day ban-knee-yo)

Blouse = la blusa (la blue-za)

Cap = un gorro (oon horr-roe)

Clothes = la ropa (la rrow-pa)

Dress = un vestido
(oon bess-tee-tho)

Flip-flops = las chanclas
(las chank-la)

Hat = un sombrero
(oon some-brray-roe)

Pants = los pantalones
(los pan-ta-lon-nays)

Sandals = las sandalias
(lass san-da-lee-ass)

Shirt = la camisa (la ka-me-sa)

Shoes = los zapatos
(los sa-pat-toes)

Skirt = la falda (la fal-da)

Sunglasses = las hafas de sol
(lass sah-fass day sol)



  • The Bee Hummingbird, the smallest hummingbird in the world, and also the smallest bird in the world, is native to Cuba.

  • Cuba has only a few animals that are a danger to humans; one of which is the endangered Cuban crocodile. Surprisingly, there are no poisonous snakes nor spiders.



Over there = allá (ah-jah)

Over here = acá (ah-ka)

To the right = a la derecha
(a la day-ray-cha)

To the left = a la izquierda
(a la ease-key-air-the)

In front of = delante de
(day-lan-tay day)

Behind = detrás de (day-trrass day)

Above = encima de (en-see-ma day)

Below / under = debajo de (day-vak-hoe day)


I have a headache =
me duele la cabeza
(may dwell-eh la ka-vay-sa)

Help! = ¡Ayuda! (ah-jew-the)

Call the police = llame a la policia
(jah-may a la poe-lee-see-ah)

I'm lost = Estoy perdido
(ess-toy pair-dee-tho)

I need a doctor =
Necesito a un doctor
(nay-say-see-toe ah oon dock-tore)

I feel ill = Me siento malo
(may see-en-toe mal-low)

My stomach hurts =
me duele de estómago
(may dwell-eh day ess-toe-ma-go)


It's cold = hace frio (ah-say frree-oh)

It's warm today = hoy hace calor
(oye ah-say ka-lorre)


Yes = si (see)

No = no (no)

Sorry = lo siento (low see-en-toe)

Why? = ¿Por qué? (pourr kay)

What? = qué (kay)

Never = nunca (noon-ka)

Always = siempra (see-em-prray)

Excuse me = perdón (pair-done)

I don't know = no sé (no say)

You’re welcome = de nada
(day nah-the)


Cuban Anthem and Flag


  • Cuba is a one-party, Communist republicwhose official name is The Republic of Cuba. The capital of Cuba isHavana with an average temperature of around 26C, and 80% humidity.
  • Cuba flies 2 flags during special events; its national flag, and its Bayamo flag (the flag first flown during the battle against Spain).

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