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Spring Bluebonnets in Central Texas

Updated on January 18, 2014

Bluebonnets and Spring Flowers

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Spring in the Texas Hill Country

Spring in the Texas Hill Country has been prettier than usual. The rains have been more than helpful in replenishing the dry and parched soil from the drought. Though the Lakes are not even close to being full, most of the area is recuperating from months of arid weather.

The frequent Spring rains turned the brown parched grass into a beautiful rich green color. Flowering trees and shrubs emerged early in the Spring season as did the numerous patches of bluebonnets in the area. As the mild wet weather has continued, the wild grasses have grown, wild flowers of all types have emerged and so have the vivid colors of the bluebonnets.

The growing wild grass is so lush from the recent rains that in many places it is hiding the flourishing bluebonnets from sight. Warmer temperatures and sunshine are extending the flowering season and the patches of vivid colors along the roadways. Whether you live in the area or are vacationing in Central Texas, take a scenic drive into the Texas hill country toward Marble Falls, Burnet and the surrounding countryside to see plenty of floral color ready for the snap of your camera.

Threats of continued rain and possible severe weather have bypassed the Austin area in the latter half of March for the most part. Clouds have hung in the skies only to pass to the North or South of us to share their moisture. April rains are not anticipated in the next few days. The lakes need more water and the ground is drying quickly. We would appreciate more Spring showers which could keep the bluebonnets and other wildflowers around awhile longer.


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  • PaulaK profile image

    Paula Kirchner 6 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Thanks ladies for your comments! Pamela and Silva, the bluebonnets are fading even as we speak due to the hot sun and over a week without a rain shower. Hope and pray it rains this week.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 6 years ago from United States

    We can use more showers in northern FL also. There is some smoke in the air today from a forest fire. I loved the pictures of the beautiful flowers. Voted up!

  • Silva Hayes profile image

    Silva Hayes 6 years ago from Spicewood, Texas

    Hi, PaulaK, I live west of Austin off of Hwy. 71. We have some lovely bluebonnets out here but as you say, the rains have cause grass to grow up among them and their beautiful blue is becoming obscured. Here's one of my favorite hubs, written by a lady from England, I believe. You will enjoy it, I know.