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Storm Preparation: Tornadoes, Rain Storms, Hurricanes and Blizzards

Updated on August 22, 2015

Make Plans in Place for your Family and Home

Have a family disaster plan for types of emergencies most likely to happen to you. The first thing you should do is prepare a disaster supply kit. Teach your children to call for help next door or on the telephone and help them to memorize important information such as family name, address and phone numbers. Stay informed of weather and road conditions through local news and react quickly to weather warnings. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately and take your disaster supply kit with you!

Prepare your home and check the roof, chimney walls and the foundation for potential clogged gutters, or loose shingles! Trim trees of dead or threatening branches. Put loose chairs or items in the shed or garage. Keep a ladder in garage. Fill bathtubs and the sinks full with water in case of water outages. Fill bottles and pots with water. If the power goes out, turn off the stove and major appliances to avoid a surge or fire when the power is restored.

Tornado! YouTube - Pecos Hank

Make Emergency Disaster Supply Kits

Emergency Kit for House
Emergency Kit for Car
Emergency Kit for Vacation
Large Box or Bag for Kit
Large Tote Bag
Large Tote Bag or Suitcase
Battery-operated Radio
Flashlight and extra Batteries
Signal Flare
Cell phone and charger
Cell phone and charger
Cell phone and charger
Minimum of 3 gallons of water per person-in plastic bottle containers (3 day supply)
2 gallons of water per person - (2 day supply)
6 Water bottles for 1 day per person
20 variety of can goods - Granola bars, chips, canned meat, milk and cereals
Granola bars, chips, canned meat
Granola bars, chips, canned meat
Candles and Flashlights with Batteries
Raingear or umbrella, hat and gloves
Umbrella, Blankets
Outdoor grill, charcoal and lighter fluid and aluminum foil
First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit and aspirin (for fever)
Stocked tissue, Hand Sanitizer, Female Napkins and Baby Products
Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer
Lighters, Matches, Non-electric Can opener
Blankets and coats or jackets
Whistle and pepper spray
Keep purse or wallet near you with copy of insurance policies and will in them
List of Important telephone numbers (family), social security cards, and imminuzation records
Cash or travelers checks, record of credit card account numbers
Family records (birth, marraige, death certificates) and family phone numbers for emergency contact - keep in water-proof container
Clean supply of clothes for 2 days
List of Important telephone numbers (family), copy of passports, social security cards, and imminuzation records
2 weeks Clean supply of Clothes, Towels and Barsoap
Insurance information in glove department
Moistened towelettes, and dry hand towels
First Aid Kit with thermometer, tweezers, 2 pairs of latex gloves, needle, soap, petroleum jelly
Perscriptions and diabetic supplies, cash
First Aid Kit with thermometer, tweezers, 2 pairs of latex gloves, needle, soap, petroleum jelly
Pepper spray and self-defense tool
Hunting knife, pepper spray, flare gun
Perscriptions and diabetic supplies
Pain killers and medicine for colds
Jack and spare tire fix kit, tools
Pain killers, antacids, burn ointment
If you have children with you, include small toys and diapers and baby items in your emergency tote bags, or boxes to last for 2 weeks if possible. Pet supplies and food for pets to last for 1-2 weeks if at home.



Important Safety Tips

Have flood insurance if you live near lakes and rivers. If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, have a safe shelter that you can get to quickly in case of hurricanes and floods. Some weather stations will send you text alerts or phone calls in case of severe weather. If you are in a bad weather prone area, sign up for the special weather alerts. Keep the radio on also for alerts. Prepare for plan for pets too. Make sure pets have current identification tag with phone number or address.

Use grills outside for cooking and do not use outdoor grills for heating the home or carbon monoxide poisoning could occur. Power generators are especially helpful in power outages from hurricanes or blizzards. When in use, keep the generator outside or in a dry well-ventilated area to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and electric shock. Make sure to have plenty fuel stored and away from children. If you connect your appliances to the generator, use the appropriate-sized extension cord. Never connect to a wall outlet ("backfeed" can occur putting you and workers repairing lines at risk of electrocution). Consult an electrician ahead of time about proper connection to ensure safety of generator.

Buffalo New York 2014 Blizzard! - video by Charles Walton

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