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Strange Largest Items in the World

Updated on November 28, 2018
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Debbie owns a scrapbook business and loves to take cruise vacations. Photography is her #1 passion when she travels.

Sometimes in life, you can pass right by something, and no matter how large it is, you don't seem to see it, however, there are some things, that are so big, no matter what you are doing, you're eyes can't seem to overlook these amazing structures without taking a second look.

The Largest Fiddle in the World

Largest Fiddle in the World
Largest Fiddle in the World | Source

Right next door to the cruise ship terminal, Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion, in Nova Scotia, is the world's largest fiddle in the world. It was completed in 2005, and was built to celebrate the Celtic heritage.

The fiddle measures 60 ft. in height, and is a camera spot for all the tourists, and cruise passengers. It has lights that shine up on the structure, and the late evenings before the sun sets, the view is spectacular as to how the shadows are cast on the fiddle.

The fiddle carries the name of the Big Fiddle of the Ceilidh, for obvious reasons. I enjoy seeing places online of these unique structures, and luckily the internet can allow us to see these fantastic creations.


New South Wales has the largest wine bottle in the world. It stands 23 ft. tall, and almost 5 ft. width.

Ever since 1998, New South Wales, has had the record for having the largest bottle of wine. Of course it's empty, and it's just an advertisement for the Hunter Valley Gardens. If you're just looking for a photo opportunity, other tourists have indicated to just get out of your car, snap a photo, and get on down the road. That's unless you plan on paying $29.00 a person to go inside.

Inside, you'll find a garden, and of course, a vineyard. Even though it's expensive, the reviews online state that it's beautiful once you get inside though. I think at $29.00 a person, that's a little on the expensive side. We have Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida, and I thought $20.00 a person was expensive.

The Largest Watermelon in the World


Have you ever given any attention to water towers? The different shapes they have, how large they are, wording that might be on the side? Some water towers are actually in shapes of items, such as the one in Luling, Texas.

It's considered the largest watermelon in the world, hovering in the sky at 154 ft. However, not literally.

At 156 ft. in diameter, the tower is painted green, to match the color of a watermelon. Since the town of Luling is considered the watermelon capital of the world (wow, I didn't know that), they decided to design and color their water tower to represent a watermelon. How cool is that?

The Largest Pineapple in the World


A 52 ft. tall pineapple stands in Bathurst, in the Eastern Cape of Australia.

Even though the Big Pineapple has been through several refurbishments, and owners, since 1971, it still stands today, as an icon for "The Big Pineapple" marketplace.

It has not be brought back to it's original status from over 45 years ago, however, it still invites tourists for a visit to the marketplace, a train ride for the children, and a small animal zoo.

On a rating of 1 - 5, it's gets a 3.4 on Google reviews and Trip Advisor, however, most of the lower reviews were caused because people went to visit it, while it was closed about 2 years ago, when it was exchanging ownership, and the certainty of what was going to happen to it, was still unknown.

The Largest Axe in the World


Located in Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada, is the largest axe in the world. It's located along the St. John River, and surrounded by beautiful trees, and has been here since 1991. It's a symbol of the forest industry in New Brunswick.

This axe is 49 ft. tall, and weighs 55+ tons. The concrete stump that it sits on is 33 ft. in diameter. The most interesting tidbit of information that I found out about this axe, is that inside the head of the axe, there is a time capsule.

Largest, Strangest, and Craziest

Roadside oddities are so fun to visit, and whether they are the largest, the most strangest, or very wild looking, they always amaze me. These were just a few of my favorites, of hundreds that around the world.


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