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Stress Free Holidaying With Young Children

Updated on August 17, 2013

Family Holidays are the Best

Does your dream holiday start with a flight from hell

As a frequent traveller with three children, one nearly old enough to pack her bags the other two need constant attention, I am always trying to be as organised as possible. Often though I am over organised and forget some very simple steps that could have saved me a lot of stress before during and after our families dream holiday. Our family likes to travel and having young children was never seen as an obstacle to having great holidays at home and abroad. Last year our five month old baby went on her first trip to Bali and thanks to our experiences from previous holidays with our other children things went very smoothly. But it is not always roses on our travels adventures and lots of lessons have been learnt the hard way. I hope by writing this I will be able to pass on some valuable experiences that can mean the difference from a dream holiday or a holiday from hell

Bali a great place for a holiday with children

What makes it hard to travel with children?

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Your Holiday Starts At Home

The foundations of a smooth, stress free holiday with children are laid before you even step outside your home to start your holiday. When packing for a holiday with children I always adapt the boy scout motto of 'be prepared'. Although you have strict luggage limits you can never not pack enough to ensure you are adequately prepared for any scenario that might arise. Even little things like you babies dummy can be very important. If you baby prefers a certain dummy make sure you pack a few extras because you may not be able to find that particular brand where you are. If the kids are taking electronic devises make sure they are all fully charged before you head off and remember to pack the chargers for them. An ipad or dvd player can be a life saver for occupying young kids waiting to board a delyed flight or a long trip to the airport or hotel. Also don't forget favourite teddies and clothes for the kids because this could be difference of a stress free bedtime for you or up all night and always tired on your holiday.

Things to Pack

For the Flight
For the Hotel
For out and about
ipad or dvd player
chargers or batteries
water bottle
books and pencils
favourite teddy
bucket if car sick
healthy snacks
favourite pyjamas
water bottle
bedtime story
favourite snacks

Bali Festiival


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