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Study UK: Pre-Departure Checklist for Indian Students in United Kingdom

Updated on July 13, 2011

Pre-departure checklist for Indian students going to UK

Besides including (a) an air ticket, (b) original certificates for verification, (c) student visa for United Kingdom, (d) a valid passport, (e) university offer letter, (f) financial documents for UK immigration authority, (g) a valid contact at your UK university in case of contingencies, (h) Traveler’s checks, (i) sufficient cash, and (j) detailed direction towards your accommodation in your checklist, the most important things Indians students should include in their pre-departure checklist are (k) spices, (l) a pressure cooker, and (m) some woolen clothing. These are certain things, which your UK study visa consultants in India will not tell you and also you will find little information about this on the Internet.

Oxford University United Kingdom
Oxford University United Kingdom | Source

Visa Application Process in India for Getting a Fingerprint Visa for UK

Most airlines allow students to carry approximately 30 to 40 kgs of luggage, so students can manage some authentic stuff from India. It should also be noted that the quality of most Indian products imported in UK does not meet the same quality that we get in India, so if it is your first time to visit UK for studies, then it is not bad to bring some stuff from India.

Some of my friends studying in UK have found that they are able to get a full working kitchen where they live but they are not able to find a typical Indian pressure cooker in UK. They are only able to find slow cookers and UK-made pressure cookers but not Indian ones, so include at least a 5 liter pressure cooker from Hawkins Futura, Prestige pressure cookers, or others. If your course is of a longer duration and your pressure cooker that you bought from India wears off, then you can buy a saucepan. Slowly and steadily, you will be able to learn how to cook properly in a saucepan.

Also, one of my friends has worked in Peacocks Warehouse in Pontypridd, UK and according to him, most of these goods in UK come from India, China, and Taiwan, but he was unable to find a typical India pressure cooker in UK.

It is also recommended to include Indian spices in your pre-departure travel checklist to UK just because India provides best quality because mostly all the spices are imported from India, but you need to remember that spices start losing their flavor after 3 months of storage so if you do bring spices to UK, don’t bring enough to last your entire study stay as the quality of flavor will reduce well before you go back home. For best results, discard all spices after 3 to 4 months and buy fresh ones from popular Indian grocery shops in UK.

Applying for a UK Visa on your own is tricky. Beware of pitfalls.

Now regarding clothing if you will ask anyone studying in UK, they will agree that the weather is very changeable in UK. You can get rain, sun and snow in the same day. Temperatures generally do not fall much below minus 5°C and go up to a maximum of 26 degrees to 35 degrees centigrade. It can rain at any time of the year but nowhere near as bad as has been seen in India in the monsoon season.

So above were a few items to be included in the pre-departure checklist for Indians going to UK universities for studies. These little known things will definitely help Indian students on their stay in UK.

Best of luck for your studies in UK


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