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Summer Activities in Breckenridge, Colorado

Updated on July 27, 2009

Breckenridge is a 147 year old mining town located in the heart of the Colorado.  As one of Colorado's mountain towns, Breckenridge is both a winter wonderland and the perfect summer destination. Some of the summer activities in Breckenridge, Colorado include country boy mine, hot air balloon rides, nordic sleigh rides, skate boarding and ice rink, fly fishing, Breckenridge recreation center, biking and hiking trails.

Summer activities in Breckenridge, Colorado

Hot air balloon rides in Breckenridge, Colorado
Hot air balloon rides in Breckenridge, Colorado

1. Country boy mine: Country boy mine is one of the largest and most famous gold mines in Breckenridge. You can experience a guided adventure over 1,000 feet below, in a authentic gold mine. Mine tour is about 1 hour.

2. Hot air balloon rides: Rides take you to the sky in a hot air balloon. You can discover the magic of the mountains from a spectacular viewpoint. Balloon rides are available in summer and winter months,

3.Nordic sleigh rides: Nordic sleigh rides offers santa sleighs pulled by Belgian draft horses wearing brass sleigh bells. After the ride, a meal is served with barbecue chicken or baked salmon, steaks and apple pie for dessert. Dinner shows include dance performances and live music. Sleigh bells and draft horses make these nordic sleigh ride an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

4.Breckenridge skate boarding and ice rink: Breckenridge skate park is located outdoors at the Breckenridge recreation center. Breckenridge ice rink is open year round for public skating and hockey.

Hiking trails in Breckenridge
Hiking trails in Breckenridge

5. Breckenridge recreation center: Breckenridge recreation center offers two climbing walls, an indoor pool, slide, basketball, racquetball court, and tennis court and more.

6.Fly fishing: Fly fishing available year round in the rockies. Guided trips are also available.

7. Hiking and Biking: Breckenridge offers some of the best hiking and biking in Colorado. There are over 40 hiking trails in Breckenridge, Colorado. Hiking trails offers amazing views of lakes, flowers and forests. Some of the best trails include burro trail and carter park.

8. Breckenridge restaurants: There are 70 restaurants in Breckenridge including French, Italian, Mexican, steakhouses, sushi and much more.

9. Shopping: Breckenridge has over 180 boutiques, clothing, galleries and gear stores.


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    • writerlee profile image

      writerlee 6 years ago

      My husband and I are moving to CO in a few months, and this hub got me even more excited than I already am to live there! I agree with Gail, the balloon photo looks fantastic.

    • Gail Brown profile image

      Gail Brown 7 years ago from West Coast

      Great balloon photo. Sounds like a great destination and I love Ski resort towns in the summer.

    • profile image

      Sue Castellion 8 years ago


      Grand Adventure Balloon Tours operates rides yr-round making us the closest mtn balloon company to Summit County. Winter flights are available, it is 30-40 degrees warmer at flight level due to the inversion, warm air rises. Flights are always weather permitting,so scheduling for your first day is recommended. 970-887-1340 Please call with questions. Thank you,