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Summer Beach Adventures 2016

Updated on December 22, 2016

Lindbergh Bay Beach Rocks

Lindbergh Bay Beach is exposed to the seaward and sand blow off, which has a significant known in terms beach rock. Some of these rocks was intentionally placed in the location where water will overflow above sea level causing road erosion. During stormy weathers the seawater level rises and will over flow along the Cyril R. King Airport runway. The planes could not land because of the water of 4 feet above ground levels. However, dredging was constructed to help prevent this.

To prevent such actions. In marine studies has created a blockage with the rocks to stop the water form overflowing on the airport runway. The bay was named Masquito Bay in the 1920's. During the dedged and reconstruction of the airport. The bay was renamed Lindbergh Bay.

This transformation since years ago has been a process that was worth changing to protect the island environment. Some stipulations are generally allude to a mass of water. Many storms has occured for many years. The curved inner surface of the bay formed by the motion of the sea. The rocks will change shapes and form when the waves force crashes against them, breaking small pieces of rocks. the strong currents, waves of the storms, high tide and low tide restructured Lindbergh Bay every day.

The beach sand dunes are broken forming a series of ridges parallel to the prevailing winds.

The restricted eroded rocks of hard formation are igneous rocks, such as granities and limestones. There are some internerate rocks prep in high ridge rocks of the bay jutted out into the water and the waves will rapidly sweep against the rocks, moving at an intersected shoreline and analogous by the shallow water off the end of the coast. Further out at sea the waves gradually moving windward onshore in the bay. The erosions of the intenerate rocks expeditious during storms. These series of waves in seccession of storms maybe deposited in a zone of sand dunes.

The beach sediments promontory that are known as spits; a narrow point of land extend and protects the body of water. The sediments desolated boarders of rocky coast are the actions of accruements or the level of sediments of marine outer deposits.
The beach sediments promontory that are known as spits; a narrow point of land extend and protects the body of water. The sediments desolated boarders of rocky coast are the actions of accruements or the level of sediments of marine outer deposits.

There are three different types of beaches in the world

  • Some beaches has rocks sediments that has collected materials that settles to the bottom underlaying in the water, which depends on the activity of coastal of on going movements that contains the upper restaraints of the active beach by the highest level during massive storms called the swash line. The lowest beach border maybe in line where the strongest waves no longer conjoin and impel the sand at a profundity wave length 10 times the wave height, however creates the beach shape, structure and are developed of magnitude resulting in many factors, such as wave sediment elements and allotments, parameters and tides above height level elements. The upper part of the beach esplanade waves of major storms form a narrow slope called Berms. The esplanade surface slope seaward which causes the frontal beach slope to its low tide, then it's haply evolves when it's more than 6 feet of the frontal slope in width exuberence of sand and a shollow bottom. The lower beach boarder is below the water surface and can be established only if there are sediments layer and boarder are between surface.

The confine sediment of narrow stretched for hundreds of kilometers analogous to the prevalent direction of coast in unusual characters.

The barriers set apart lagoon from the open sea and divided into by tide inlets.
The barriers set apart lagoon from the open sea and divided into by tide inlets.
  • The shallow water that occur between an island and the mainland are the characteristics of sandbars that structured there. One or more sandbars that attach an island to the mainland encloses a lagoon that fill with sediments. It is structured parallel along the shore with intervening troughs that exist along sandy shores.
  • Then there are beaches that have a curve coin sided points that intersect known as a cusps. The beach border will include beach borders fluctuations of ripples, swash or rill furrows. This will then result width large water of vertical axes in existence of larger water eddies. It coverts into large crescent elements (convex seaward) that forms linear, which is the strong water outlow linear rip currents that causes erosions of deep channels. It then submerge into slopes. So when there is a exuberance of sand dunes, it will veer to adjacent low-lying plains. Parabolic dunes are form in gaps of ridges parallel to the shore and are also yeild to the coast ward that formed the highest point of the dunes.

The beach rock form minerals known as Feldspares, are the latitude of quartz, it is the calcareous beach composed of marine organisms and precipitates particles

Calcium Carbonate are the beach layer of beach cemented of preciptated form the ground water. The cemented horizontal layer of any materials, especially one of severe parallel layers arranged one or into another are now termed beach rocks. A bed or layer of rocks having same compositions throughout called Strata. The minerals contains valuable metals, such as titanium, zirconium, germanium, tin, uranium or even gold.

How to pack for the beach?

  • Towels
  • Beach Blankets
  • Water or sizzling drinks
  • Snacks or food
  • Music
  • Beach gears, such as snarkels, boogie boards or sand castle fun tools

How to have fun and relaxation at the beach, in terms how to keep it Pineapples?

  • Pick a spot on the beach and relax.
  • Get in the water, swim, dive, splash, float or lay on the sand.
  • You can chill on the rocks, watch the view, listen to music or listen to sounds of other people having fun.
  • Also, you can have a private relaxation: Check for private hour times that will work for you, enjoy the quite sounds of the ocean blast. I find that Saturdays are least crowded than Sundays. The take off of a plane can rumble the sound a bit, but it is still sounded and fun.

Fun Things you can do at the beach. There is a park for the kids that are;

  1. basketball court
  2. swings
  3. slider
  4. playground
  5. water park
  6. benches & tables
  7. resrooms

The water is so crystal clear and feels so good.
The water is so crystal clear and feels so good.
Cooling on the beach rock.
Cooling on the beach rock.

Along the beach side there are:

  1. showers
  2. recreations
  3. hotels
  4. resturants
  5. car parking
  6. Airport near by, which gives a good site seeing if you love the take off of planes. I love the 747 American Airlines.
  7. watch tower

Safety Rules at the Beach

  • Make sure you carry an emergency kit at all times. You never know what might pop off. We don't want to take any chances, especially when you have children on the beach.

  • Always carry drinking water, just in case some one has swallow alot of salt water. The drinking water will help the throat from scorching.

  • If a child ate sand and you don't know what to do, give bread to eat. Make sure you carry bread for emergency sand swallow.

No Loitering

Keep it clean, carry your own garbage bags. Don't leave waste items laying around or in the water.

Happy Hours, after work relaxation at the beach rock.
Happy Hours, after work relaxation at the beach rock.
Sunset at Lindbergh Bay
Sunset at Lindbergh Bay

Choose a beach rock shaded by the grape trees. You will always be lucky to find the right spot, every beach rocks are nice to cool out on.

Night Life on the Rocks

  • Camp out for the day on the rocks, get a mini grill, set your spark and let it cook.

  • Enjoy the sunset view of the west reflection of the beach vibrant image.

  • Dancing is nice, set your pace on what kind of music you like. Don't over (loud) your music at night, but a low private session is expectable. Everyone wants a cool out spot, ok.

  • Happy hour at the beach (non-alcohol), Its a private hour with a few friends. Your off work, it was a long day and you need a getaway for a few hours before getting home. Park your car along side the road side at the beach, chill and see the ocean sunset. Kick off your shoes and feel the sand, dance, skip if you like and enjoy yourself at the beach rock.

Dangers in night swimming

  • Careful swimming at night, there are some dangers that are risky during times at feeding for the sea animals.

  • When the sea weeds up on shore, this time for hungry sea animals who feeds on seaweeds or even potential fishes can get caught in between and bigger predictors come to feast on the helpless.

  • Nesting is another form of danger when over protected sea animals trying to have babies and people are there swimming among the night animals.

  • Day time swimming is less risky, because you can see water shadows of sea animals are near by. The beach have a life guard look out, but at night there is no look out. So please be careful in the night waters while swimming. I honestly prefer you just don't go night swimming.

Rock City life on the beach

This is the way to enjoy a beach life on the rocks. During the evenings at the right time, check out the ship passing by. It is like a painting on a wall out on the ocean waters. The ships make way on the outer point of the bay heading westward in the evenings. Only on ship days you can enjoy this view.

How to tell a captain's story

  1. Tone; low in voice, louder that a whisper.
  2. Expressions; assertive action, facial expressions, such as eye open wide, eyebrow moving up and frown, hands up and down creating hand expression to the action (sound of loud expressions).
  3. Feelings; 3 second pause of the end of every sentence. Looking at the person with concern.
  4. The moral is always an awareness, an eye opener. (say it like you mean it).

The ship is cruising by the bay.
The ship is cruising by the bay.

Captain's Favorite Beach Rock (story)

It was a stormy night out at sea. The captain and his crew position for safety on the ship. All emergency alerts were sent out. The captain steers the ship and ride the 12 foot waves. The ocean water subdue the ship with water. Lightening flashes, thunder roars and the ship rock from side to side on the ocean waves. It is jet black, only a compose and a map the captain has directions to safety. The captain holla, secure the ship and all emergency rafters he says to his crew.

Then suddenly a "Boom" the ship hits a rock! "Throw the anchor, the captain orders his crew, while he steers seaward of the wind shift of the storm." Now the ship is stable on a rock while the storm passes. When the sunrises the captain and the crew were all alive and there was minor damage to the ship. The captain and his crew spent a stormy night anchored on Lindbergh Bay beach rock.

The moral of this story: Boom Bam Bash Lindbergh Bay Beach Rock is the spot in St. Thomas, even the captain knew to anchor his ship to safety on the rocks.

Burst out the Sand Hole
Burst out the Sand Hole

Captain's Family Beach Games

Burst out of the Sand Hole

First you will dig a hole to challenge the person to burst out of the sand hole. To keep it safe. Do not dig the hole to deep. You dig till the person can sit or lay in the hole, then cover them with sand. The point is not really bury them, but to cover them with sand.

Make sure their hands are covered with sand that it can be removed out of the sand hole easily. Then watch the power of the kid or person bursting out a sand hole. Please have adult supervision while playing this game. It is so much fun, try it.

see video

Burst Out The Sand Hole


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