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Life Lessons From the Beauty of Mount Baker

Updated on April 2, 2020
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I have always loved the out of doors. Teaching children to enjoy it as well is a big part of my life. Encouragement for kids is needed.

View from the top

The Journey

Being raised in the North Georgia area of the Appalachia, I felt that moving to the Pacific Northwest would be like moving to a totally different world. We moved here to help our son and his family get their business expanded, then after our assistance was no longer needed, given our walking papers. We had given up our home and life for the move, with thoughts of being a family once again. We were wrong and realized that we were chasing a dream. So, we had a choice of leaving and going back to Georgia, or staying to raise our 2 young great-grandchildren. It was a no-brainer decision! Learning to adapt to an area of the country with an extremely high cost of living was a challenge, but one well worth if for the kids and ourselves. We had been so busy after moving to the area, that we had forgotten to take time to look for the beauty of the creation. Having the kids with us also made us realize that they needed to learn how to really appreciate the beauty that surrounded them and embrace it as we had in Georgia.

Thus, after moving to the Northern Puget Sound area of Washington some 6 years ago, my husband and I realized that we really haven't been anywhere in this absolutely lovely area. Having our great-grandchildren with us, we embarked on a day trip north to the visitor area of Mount Baker known as "Artist Point", one of the most breathtaking glaciers in the country.

We drove north on Hwy. 99 then headed East on Mt. Baker Rd., following the road as it winded it's way north and east through glorious trees and eye-pleasing views.


Considering that I am not native to this area, on the contrary I'm from the sunny south, it seemed surreal to be playing in the snow in 70 degree weather! The children thought it was absolutely fabulous and a total treat for them. Both played and played, slipping, falling, throwing snow balls and generally having a great time while never complaining about being cold and wet! I mean, even though it was 70 degrees, snow is snow....and it's still cold! What a dream!

What better time can one spend with children that to teach the wonders of this marvelous planet we call Earth. Camping, fishing, hiking or whatever you wish to do....take a child and teach them to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the creation. They will grow up with a much better appreciation if they learn young.


Delight on Sight!

The kids were completely in awe, as were we, with the snow and scenery. The sun was shining brightly but there was still the faint feel of coolness in the air, but nevertheless, an impressive sight and experience. Finding an ice cave and being able to actually sit in it was something I had never seen or done either and the kids were thrilled to be a part of it! From throwing snowballs at each other and playing in the soft snow, to standing on the edge of the cliff and looking out over miles of undisturbed landscape, it was a day of total excitement.

Fun in the "Sun"

Ice Cave at the end of the road.
Ice Cave at the end of the road.
Sleeveless in the snow!
Sleeveless in the snow!
Beautiful trails
Beautiful trails

The Trip Back

Starting the day early gave us more time when heading home, to enjoy things even more. Taking advantage of the pull-offs and other scenic opportunities was also a wonderful way for us to enjoy our lunch and snacks in the peace and quiet of our surrounding.

Scenic areas provided us opportunities for the kids to read from the posted information boards and then understand the views even more. Short hiking trails we also appreciated for photo opportunities for us.

Taking advantage of the posted information boards gave the kids a chance to look for points of interest themselves.
Taking advantage of the posted information boards gave the kids a chance to look for points of interest themselves.
Short hiking trails with information boards were a delight for the kids as they looked off into amazement of beauty.
Short hiking trails with information boards were a delight for the kids as they looked off into amazement of beauty.

...And the Conclusion Is...

Don't get so caught up in life that you can't appreciate or give the appreciation to the Creator and his Creation. Life is full of opportunity for so much, but we have to take the time to reach for it and embrace our surroundings. Beauty can be found in almost anything, as can serenity and peace. Close your eyes and imagine something lovely, then enjoy the peace it can bring.

Teaching our children these simple things of life will help them to survive trying times in their future. Teaching them of the need for spirituality and how to seek peace, seek beauty and learn to love is the most precious gift we can give them.

Take time to do this with your loved ones, but especially the kids. Learning young is the key of how to appreciate the creation while have fun on a simple summer day trip!


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