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Summertime in Panama City Beach Florida

Updated on June 25, 2016

Summertime in Panama City Beach again! This Summer, when you decide to vacation at the beach, make sure that you are well equipped. Being well-­equipped means that you have all you need, and that you know what is acceptable and safe at the beach.

Each beach in Florida has its own rules and ordinances according to the county it belongs to. Panama City Beach is a city in Bay County, State of Florida in the United States. It is nestled in the north east corner coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City Beach's slogan is "The World's Most Beautiful Beaches" due to the unique sugar ­white sandy beaches of northwest Florida along the Emerald Coast.Panama City and Panama City Beach are two separate cities; often referred to as "Panama City", despite being a distinct municipality from the older and larger inland Panama City to the east.

Panama City Beach Map

Packing for the Beach

Whether you live in Florida, in another State or abroad, you will have to pack certain essential items to protect you from the sun. Of course, your beach bag should have the essentials:

  • Sunglasses
  • Beach Towel
  • Sunblock with appropriate SPF with UVB+UVA
  • Bathing suit
  • Flip flops
  • Camera

You can also get comfortable on the sand by spreading a blanket, or stretching a beach chair to seriously work on your tan. Take along your iPad, the latest Best­Seller, or favorite magazine. Play in the sugar white sand, take a walk along the shore......keep track of where you have started your don’t want to get lost or disoriented. (Carry your cell phone and call your hotel, a friend or 911).

Panama City Beach Flags and Safety

The beaches in Panama City Beach, FL use an excellent flag system to alert beach goers of dangerous tides and harsh waves conditions; and these flags are posted at all public beach areas. When a lifeguard is not on duty, you swim at your own risk. Do not enter the water when the double red flags are displayed. If you are not familiar with the Beach Flag Warning System, here is a very basic chart. If you decide to get in the water, remove your sunglasses first. This is the easiest way to lose your shades and most likely never find them again, or if you find your sunglasses, the sand can literarilly scratch your favorite sunglasses useless. There are some common sense safety tips that might be very useful to keep in mind.

1. Do not go in the water after sundown. This is usually feeding time for marine life and you never know if a shark gets sidetracked to the shore.

2. Do not fall asleep while you are sunbathing. You can ruin your vacation from a heat stroke or a painful sunburn.

3. Do not destroy the property by digging large holes in the sand and then leaving it for someone else to restore it. These holes can be very dangerous since some people walk the beach at night and they are not able to see in the dark. Also, it has been known for small animals to get trapped in these wells.

4. Do not leave any trash behind. There are garbage containers at every public beach, but you can take the trash with you and dispose of it at home or your hotel.

5. Do not walk on the sand dunes; instead, use public beach walkovers. Sand dunes must be protected because they act as barriers to strong winds and waves, providing a natural protection of beach homes and businesses.

6. Glass bottles are not allowed on the Beach for obvious reasons. Also, no littering, no vehicles, no fires, nor animals on the beach.

7. Sea Turtles are protected by Law in Florida. It is illegal to kill or harm sea turtles, or disturb their nests.

8. It is also helpful to know what to do if caught in a Rip Current. Do not panic or swim against the current. You cannot break out of the current, float calmly until it lessens. Swim parallel to shore until you are out of the Rip Current; or shout and wave for assistance. You might also want to bring a snack while you enjoy watching the sunset, look for dolphins, take a swim, read a book, check your messages, tan a little, take a walk or simply relax.


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