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Updated on November 11, 2008

Surfers Who are they?

Many years ago when I started surfing in California, I would see surfers draging their surfboards to the beach and wondered what type of person would a surfer really be. While in California I witnessed a culture that was already very developed. It revolved around the beach and mostly surfing, but it wasnt really what I expected. Many surfers took night jobs so they could surf during the day. When they were not surfing they were running, lifting weights and eating health food. Here I thought that surfers were the stay out all night and party types. yes I did see many of that sort of activity also. But for the most part the beaches that I surfed at surfers were very disiplined. In fact more active and discipilined. Many were educated and attending college in southern California.

Surfing quite often I met a number or hospital professionals that were consistent surfers. Surfers tend to structure their lifes around surfing, instead of structuring their life around their job. In may travels around the USA, I have found surfers to in general be a very active and open minded group of society. Certianly we can always find some members of this un offical group that could be considered more of the undesarble type of people. But not as a general rule. As surfers keep focused on the best time and place to go surfing, many are concerned with the environment and ocean pollution. In Florida thousands of surfers organize and participate in beach and community activities. Sebastian Inlet has a few public beach clean ups a year where the community gets together to help keep the park clean. If you ever wanted to become a surfer it doesnt matter where you live or how often you plan to surf.

Being a surfer is all about desire and personal commitment. Surfers in Florida come in all shapes sizes and professions. The only requirement to become a surfer is the desire to surf. Many times I have listened to non-surfers talk about surfers. More people understand that surfing is a lifestyle and a mindset. You will know if you are a surfer when you catch and ride your first wave, then you turn your surfboard back out to the ocean and do it again. Its very addicting, great for your health and fun.


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