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Sweetest Place On Earth

Updated on August 12, 2017

Summer Vacation

When I was a kid, I had the privilege to spend summers at one of America’s sweetest place on earth. I always looked forward to this trip. I remember we would always drive to this place, and although it was a long car ride, the scenery was worth the time. Hershey, Pennsylvania is where I would mostly take family vacations. This place reminds me of a fantasy scene out of a movie. And as we always got closer, you could always smell the wonderful chocolate that was being produced in the large Hershey factory. It always brings a smile to my face. The air was different. The mountains were such a marvel to look at. The old country farm lands and their big red barns was such a delightful sight. There is no place like Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey Is More Than Just Chocolate

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Hershey Pennsylvania

Hershey is a small town with large tourist attractions and with lots to do. It is more than just a candy bar in a wrapper. It is a wonderful town with many activities to partake in. Whether you want to let out excitement in Hershey’s famous amusement park, or taking advantage of the history and learning about the production of their famous chocolate, Hershey has much to offer for everyone. And for you hockey fans, you will be able to catch a Hershey Bears game in the Giant arena during hockey season. These are just the few of many things to spend your time on while visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Hershey Park is the large amusement park for families everywhere that is open only in the summer time. To the thrill rides and multiple coaster options, to the more relaxing rides Hershey has a ride for everyone. They also have many kid rides to take advantage of. Also, when visiting Hershey Park makes sure you take a ride on the famous Kissing Tower. It is a ride you sit in that goes up to around 360 feet, but don’t worry there isn’t any drop. While riding in the Kissing Tower, guests will get to view all of Hershey Pennsylvania while looking out the famous Hershey Kiss windows. And when the hunger strike kicks in, tourist can choose from many of the wonderful eateries that are provided for the guest while in Hershey Park. If you are like me, you love roller coasters and Hershey Park as many for the thrill seeker. I recently visited Hershey this past May. I couldn’t get over all the new rides that were built, especially the new coasters. And there are many varieties of coasters to choose from like the three wooden ones to the steel rail coasters. And not only that, they offer many loops, twists, turns that make any coaster there an extreme thrill ride. And if you visit on a day that seems to be hotter than normal, Hershey Park will cool you down with one of many water rides, including the new water theme park that has recently been added in the park as well. Hershey Park also has many live shows that perform throughout the day for guests to sit down and relax and enjoy the wonderful and talented performers. So if its thrill rides you seek, rides that are slower and less extreme, a live show, or just want to grab some good food, Hershey Park is a great place to take the family or a group of friends and spend the time with endless amounts of activities.

Another fun and educational activity to do is taking a ride through the free Chocolate World tour. Here, guests get to relax and ride on a tour through the process of the making of the chocolate that has made a name for itself. From the process of choosing the best coca bean, to the final stages of production, Chocolate World offers to let tourist in on the secrets of making the wonderful Hershey candies that have put smiles on millions of people. Once done with the ride, you are treated with a free piece of candy. Then visitors are able to stock up on many Hershey memorabilia in the many Hershey gift shops that are there for you to take a piece of Hershey back home with you.

Located in a farm enriched landscape, Hershey has a lot of great scenery for your eyes to see. From small mountains, to farm lands, Hershey lets visitors see a type of backdrop that many do not have the pleasure to see on a daily basis. And that is another feature that makes Hershey an enjoyable getaway from the rest of the world. And not too far from Hershey, you can also take an Amish tour and see a lifestyle much different from the way a lot of us are used to living our lives. So if you are planning a vacation with friends or family, consider taking a look at Hershey Pennsylvania. There is much to see and do here that is like no other place on earth. And there is nothing sweeter then to smell the wonderful chocolate as it is being made in the factory.


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