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Swimming with Dolphins in The Caribbean

Updated on March 26, 2015

If you’re traveling to the Caribbean, swimming with the dolphins is a wonderful way to enjoy the tropical islands and ocean. With its beautiful coves and lagoons, the Caribbean is one of the world’s top destinations to swim with some of nature’s finest creatures and explore underwater life on a scuba diving adventure.

Whether it’s your first visit to the Caribbean or a return trip, here’s what you need to know about swimming with the dolphins in paradise:

Swim with dolphins in the warm waters of the beautiful Caribbean Sea
Swim with dolphins in the warm waters of the beautiful Caribbean Sea | Source

Preparing for Your Dolphin Swim in the Caribbean

You can make the most out of a very rewarding experience when you prepare and plan your trip ahead of time. You’ll need some special equipment and gear for the adventure, and you may be able to choose the type of dolphin to swim with depending on what your goals of the trip are. Some people simply want to relax and learn how to communicate with these fascinating creatures, while others want to serve as a dolphin trainer and play with the dolphins so that it can perform different tricks.

You’ll need to wear the right type of clothing and get fitted for a mask, snorkel and fins. Many dolphin swim providers in the Caribbean offer these services as part of your dolphin swim experience; it can take between 30 – 45 minutes for you to be fitted with the right gear, and the instructor will show you how the equipment works.

If you want to capture some memories of the experience, you’ll need a water-resistant digital camera or camcorder. You can strap this onto your wetsuit for easy access while swimming, and can snap some pictures throughout your adventure.
Some diving centers allow you to rent certain types of equipment, which can save you money on supplies and gear. Call your venue ahead of time to find out what their policy is so you can have everything reserved and ready to go.

Dolphins in the Caribbean
Dolphins in the Caribbean | Source

Swimming with the Dolphins at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas is one of the most popular venues to enjoy the dolphin experience. Dolphin Cay is where you can play, swim and interact with the dolphins and enjoy the experience in the dolphin’s natural habitat. The pod is full of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins rescued from Hurricane Katrina, and the nearby lagoon and beach provides a natural supply of saltwater so that the beautiful mammals can thrive.

The Marine Mammal Specialists at Dolphin Cay provide 90 – 120 minute dolphin interactions, and will introduce you to the different types of dolphins in the lagoons. You can also learn more about the dolphins in the education center; here you’ll find booths and stations of information about dolphins in the wild, and you can send a free customized e-postcard to friends and family during your visit. Learn more about the different programs available by visiting DOLPHIN CAY

Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean
Swim with dolphins in the Caribbean | Source

Swimming with the Dolphins in Grand Cayman

The Dolphin Discovery in Grand Cayman is the place to enjoy the Dolphin Royal Swim, the Dolphin Swim Adventure or the Dolphin Discovery swim. You can take in the peaceful British territory of the Cayman Islands and swim in the turquoise waters of the western Caribbean for your unforgettable experience.

The marine paradise is a must for all dolphin lovers; you’ll have the opportunity to play, greet and even ride the dolphins across the beautiful Eden of Grand Cayman. The programs allow you to enjoy a belly ride, listen to the dolphin song, do a handshake and even spend some free time with the dolphins. Prices range between $119 - $139 for child and adult tickets, but specials are available throughout the year.

Visit the Cayman Islands Dolphin Discovery website to learn more.

Swim with the Dolphins with the Dolphin Encounter Experience

The Dolphin Encounter experience is designed to take your breath away, and is one of the longer swimming packages available. You’ll have a chance to swim with a pod of 15 or more dolphins in your own private lagoon, go snorkerling or diving to take in the exotic wildlife, learn hand signals and communication skills from dolphin trainers, and enjoy a one-on-one session with a dolphin in the lagoon.

You can also choose to be a dolphin trainer for a week; every day you’ll get a chance to swim with a pod of dolphins and learn about their natural ecosystem. The entire trip takes place a short boat ride away from the resort, and you’ll be involved with dolphin behavior training sessions, riding the dolphins while doing dorsal tows, and taking part in daily afternoon presentations hosted by a senior trainer.

You can also explore the Marine Biology Center to learn about underwater life and experience the sights and sounds of the reef.
Learn more about Dolphin Encounter trip packages by visiting website.


Other Information About Swimming with the Dolphins in the Caribbean

Look for an authentic experience

When you’re interested in experiencing a truly authentic dolphin swim experience, make sure you book a wild dolphin swim or tour. Some of the ‘dolphin hotels’ or venues that feature ‘dolphin swimming pools’ are not fit for wild dolphins and can even be hazardous to their and your health. Look for dolphin adventures that are as close to the natural habitat of dolphins as possible.

Take your own beach towels

Many venues do not provide beach towels, so it’s in your best interest to pack a few towels in a small beach bag and tote it along. You’ll need these when you are relaxing on the beach or just to dry off after a long swim.

Take extra insect repellant

You may be able to buy insect repellant at the resort, hotel or venue where the dolphin experience is taking place, but these can be priced much higher than the average retail price. Purchase and pack your own repellant and use it generously during the humid season when mosquitoes and bugs are more common.

Wear waterproof sunscreen

The hot sun of the Caribbean can cause severe sunburn, especially when you’re in the water for extended periods of time. Make sure you wear enough sunscreen whenever you are outdoors, and use waterproof sunscreen generously throughout the day.

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