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Sydney in Three Days

Updated on October 9, 2010

To be in Sydney is an amazing experience. The city has so much to offer, from nice strolls through the parks, roaming the markets, sitting at harbour side restaurants to beautiful beaches for swimming, surfing and more challenging walks. If you are thinking about visiting, make sure you take your time. There is so much to see and do, you could spend a year here and never do the same thing twice.

Sydney Day 1

Start out at the Harbour Bridge. Climb on top of it for a spectacular view of the Opera House. You can walk across entirely. After you’ve finished taking as many photos as your camera can take, come down again and walk over to the Opera House for closer inspection. The Botanical gardens are right next to the Opera House, so get your picnic basket out, and find yourself a nice spot for lunch.

After lunch walk back towards the Opera House and past it to the ferries. Take a ferry to Manly. The ferry ride is spectacular, and the best view you will get of the Opera House is from the water. Manly is one of the most famous beaches in Sydney (along with Bondi), and for good reason. There are some great walks around the area, but make sure you bring enough water and sunscreen. If you are not keen on walking, the beach is the perfect place to relax!

Take the ferry back towards Circular Quay at the beginning of the evening. From here, make your way to Town Hall (either by metro, or walk for about 15 minutes). This is where the Sydney Tower is. So get up there. It is nicest to go just before sunset. That way you get to look at the view in the light, and then watch the sun go down and see the city bathing in lights. And just like most big city towers nowadays, it has a restaurant that slowly turns around. So you can eat and enjoy the view at the same time!

Sydney Day 2

Today visit Darling harbour and surroundings. Darling harbour has a lot of nice shops and great restaurants and bars. At the far back is the Chinese Garden of Friendship ( It was built to follow the beliefs of Yin and Yang, and are an oasis in a fast moving city. You can dress up in traditional Chinese outfits, and have tea near the pond. In Darling harbour you will also find the Sydney Aquarium( Here they have many species of marine life on display, including dugongs, sea turtles, sharks, rays, penguins, and seals. They also have a platypus and a crocodile display.

On the other side of Darling Harbour, in Pyrmont, is the Sydney Fish Market. Here they sell every fish and type of seafood you could ever think of. The place is great to wander around, and get some seafood lunch to eat on the terrace outside.

Now walk back towards Darling Harbour and hop on board the Metro Monorail ( This circles around Darling Harbour, and will take you over the Pyrmont Bridge, and around the Central Business District. The full loop takes about 14 minutes.

Get off on the other side of the CBD, and walk towards Hyde Park. This is a beautiful park, with the Anzac memorial in it. On the other side of Hyde Park is the Australian Museum ( The museum has great exhibitions on Aboriginal life and art. On Sundays they have Aboriginal performances. They also have an amazing collection of skeletons of every animal on the earth, and even a massive dinosaur skeleton is resurrected on the first floor.

In the evening, continue up the road towards Kings Cross (or take the metro). This is a little quarter filled with night clubs, bars and restaurant. Some of them are rather cheap and trashy, but others are great quality. This is a great place for eating out, and dancing into the early hours of the morning every night of the week.

Sydney Day 3

First of all, you can sleep in after your wild night out. And then it is a day to relax. Take the metro or the bus to Bondi. This is a very artsy, great little neighbourhood filled with bars and restaurants. The beach is great for swimming, and for learning how to surf. Dolphins are spotted regularly here, so keep an eye out for them. For the more active amongst you, there is a great walk from Bondi to Coogee. It is 5km long, and will take you about 2 hours. You are walking over the cliffs, right next to the sea, and come along some beautiful and more secluded beaches on your way. When I did it, we had a group of dolphins follow us all the way, it was amazing. In Coogee is another beach that is quite nice to relax. And although Bondi has a little more (and a little better) choice, you can find some good dinner here too.


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