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TOP 10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Bologna

Updated on September 22, 2015

Therefore, a visit to Bologna is a compulsory point of Italian holidays for any self-respecting foodie. So, if one day you manage to visit this lovely town in northern Italy, make sure to visit the local restaurants and trattorias to enjoy the traditional cuisine.
Don’t visit tourist restaurants for that, since normally they offer not a traditional but an adapted version of local cuisine, which can prevent you from assessing the real flavor of the amazing local dishes.
So, here is the list of restaurants that are recommended to all the gourmets who are going to come to Bologna.


Being one of the finest establishments in Bologna, this restaurant offers its guests a classic interior, wooden furniture, white tablecloths, and nice unobtrusive service. Local residents are among the frequent visitors of the establishment. They say that the best lasagna in Bologna is served in Diana restaurant. But, of course, you can order there some other dishes of Italian classics, like Caprese salad, risotto with truffles, all kinds of pasta, and delicious desserts.
Address: Via Indipendenza, 24

Ristorante Il Pescatore

If you love seafood, then you definitely need to drop in this restaurant. This is the place, where you can find amazingly tasty and fresh fish dishes from Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and Tuscany. For example, octopus with potatoes, mussel soup, pea puree with shrimps, zucchini stuffed with shrimps, etc. Like in many restaurants of Bologna, the dinner starts late there, so it’s advisable to reserve a table in advance.
Address: Via Nazario Sauro, 12/b

La Fastuchera Ristorante Bar

Although La Fastuchera is considered to be a restaurant-bar, this place is rather more suitable for an aperitif in a cozy atmosphere before or after dinner. The guests can take an aperitif of fine wines and snacks at the entrance, and take a seat in the main hall with comfortably settled tables.

This establishment is perfect for loving couples or small groups of friends, because the interior is so warm and cozy that you simply don’t want to get out of there. The menu includes a wide range of Sicilian dishes and an extensive wine list.
Address: Via Saragozza, 60/A

Osteria dello Scorpione

The owner of this very cozy osteria in the historic center of Bologna personally prepares cocktails to the taste of its guests and offers a variety of entertainment options, like cards games or improvisations on the piano. This is one of the favourite spots of the local students, who love chilling out there from the evening until the morning.
Address: Via Santa Caterina, 75

I Carracci

I Carracci restaurant is located in the magnificent Grand Hotel Majestic. This gourmet restaurant is totally permeated with the atmosphere of luxury. This is one of those places where you should set off to in a luxury car. Along with that, men need to wear tuxedos, and women – long evening dresses with high-heel shoes.
The restaurant serves creative cuisine from the chef. In addition to the ordered dishes, the guests will get small compliments from the chef and a respectful service, like it should in the restaurants of such level.
Address: Grand Hotel Majestic, Via Manzoni, 2

Casa Monica

This family restaurant in the loft style is located in a former factory. Every day, the guests are offered a new menu prepared only from the freshest vegetables, meat and fish, which were delivered in the morning, and the house-made bread.
Just for 25 EUR you can get there, for example, a glass of Prosecco wine, homemade pasta with smoked bacon and ricotta, a grilled beef, and a warm apple pie with coffee.
Address: Via S. Rocco, 16

I Portici Restaurant

The only Michelin-starred restaurant in Bologna is located in the I Portici design hotel. The chef of the restaurant came over from Naples, so the menu contains the elements of the Mediterranean cuisine. In general, you can enjoy there a simple and delicious food, and interesting presentation of dishes. The restaurant is open for dinner every day except for Sundays and Mondays.
Address: I Portici Hotel Bologna, Via Indipendenza, 69

Ristorante Donatello

This is the oldest restaurant in Bologna. It boasts of a beautiful interior and on the walls you can see the old family photographs of Senor Donatello, who is the founder of the establishment. By the way, you can even buy a book that tells in detail the history of the restaurant. The prices are very affordable and it’s recommended to book a table in advance.
Address: Via Augusto Righi, 8


This spectacular restaurant is located in the 19th-century cottage. Its stylish furniture, unusual color of the interior and post-industrial sculptures Giuseppe Rossetti create the atmosphere of mysterious charm. As for the menu of the establishment, you can enjoy a variety of pizza and salads, grilled meat, and delicious desserts that will please both children and adults.
Address: Via Barbiano, 3

Trattoria Battibecco

This restaurant is closely located to Bologna’s central square and is recommended to those who get tired of Bologna’s cuisine with its simple recipes and huge portions. The trattoria offers excellent service, delicious food and extensive wine list along with the democratic atmosphere of Bologna.
Address: Via Battibecco, 4

So, now the gourmets who are going to stay in Bologna needn’t puzzle over which restaurant to choose to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere.
However, as it has been mentioned already, there is only one Michelin-starred restaurant in Bologna. Therefore, if you want to try a more exquisite version of Bologna’s cuisine you should set off to the neighboring towns, such as Ravenna, Modena, Reggio-Emilia and Ferrara


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