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Take a Package Holiday and You'll Be Taken Care Off

Updated on May 26, 2010

Package Holidays

Are jetting off abroad this year on your holiday? The fashion recently has been to use the internet to put together your own holiday. You can buy flights from one place, and accommodation from another. The chances are you'll save some money booking your separate parts of your holiday. But it's not always a good thing to do...

Take a package holiday this - it makes life easy

Take family on holiday abroad with a package holiday deal
Take family on holiday abroad with a package holiday deal

Package Holidays Give You Insurance

Booking the separate parts of your holiday from different providers may seem like the perfect thing to do, this isn't always the case though. The volcanic ash cloud which keeps passing through the UK's airspace has really hit home to some people. For those lucky enough to have booked their holiday as a package holiday, the pain of not being able to fly home was relieved somewhat because the tour operator they booked their package holiday with took full responsibility to get them home again. Whereas, those who had booked their accommodation separately to the flight, were left trying to find their own way home.

Couldn't make it to your holiday location due the volcanic ash cloud? With a package holiday you can get all your money back, or have your holiday moved to a new date. Perfect. No package holiday, you've lost your holiday. You may get some compensation from for your flight, but  the money you spent on the accommodation is long gone. After all, it's not the accommodation providers fault you couldn't make it to your holiday.

The moral of this story

If you really want to make sure you're covered, book a package holiday. It's much easier to sort out should things go wrong.

Do you think package holiday offer better protection?

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