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Take the Hurtigruten in winter

Updated on March 31, 2011
View from the Hurtigruten Boat
View from the Hurtigruten Boat | Source

Norway by Hurtigruten - the classic one

Last summer, a friend of mine told me about their winter-trip by Hurtigruten.

Hurtigruten is the classic boat trip in Norway. It used to be the post-ship bringing freight up north, because the roads are not always accessible. Its a pretty quick way of transport too, you wouldnt believe it. I knew about that and had been to the Lofoten Islands a couple of years ago. Back then, I had intended to take the Hurtigurten Boat for one or 2 stops, but that was far too expensive. In summer it is and the boat will be bursting of tourists.

So, my friend advised me to do this trip in winter because it was so beautiful. As a student of northern european culture, language and history and therefore frequent traveller to these countries, I am well aware of the cold. Everybody will ask now "but isnt it cold?" Yes it is cold, but you are on a boat, and you got your own cabin. You can stay inside and enjoy the view. Whenever you feel like going outside for taking pictures or enjoying the northern lights, you are welcome to do that.

I highly advise you to do such a trip once in your life!

If you want to see my pictures of the trip, click here:


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