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Tasmania- Australia's Island Getaway

Updated on October 18, 2018
Tasmania is famous for it's visas and nature trails.
Tasmania is famous for it's visas and nature trails. | Source

Tasmania as a getaway

Many people from all corners of the earth flock to the cities of the Land Down Under for the surf, sun, scuba, and sharks each year, but where do the locals go to get away from the tourists? As the 26th largest island on Earth, Tasmania is often referred to as the natural state, and is the ideal vacation spot for Australians from the busy cities of the main island. From any point on the Tasmania there is easy access to the pristine, virgin beaches of the Indian and Pacific oceans, as well as those of the Bass Strait to the north. As one of the best kept destination secrets in the world, Tasmania boasts lush green jungles and mountainous vistas.

Home of the Devil:The Tasmanian Devil

A climate built for leisure

The island enjoys four distinct and wonder-filled seasons throughout the year that create a unique experience for every visitor. Tasmanians celebrate their heritage and native culture through a variety of performing and visual arts venues. Festivals and celebrations pepper the eco-chic cities of Devonport, Launceston, Straham, and Hobart that together form the backbone of emerging Tasmanian trends. Recent years have witnessed the birth of an elite food and wine crowd, motivating 5-star restaurants and decadent night life to dot the clean streets of Tasmanian cities

Aurora Australis over Hobart, Tasmania

The Northern Lights seen over Australia and Tasmania.
The Northern Lights seen over Australia and Tasmania.

Tasmanian wilderness and landscape

Tasmania offers access to wilderness never-before-seen and exiting excursions into the heart of the most undiscovered beauties of the known world. The Central Highlands of Tasmania are the most mountainous areas in Australia, offering breathtaking and picturesque hikes over smooth, rolling hills and deep, vibrant valleys. The world’s tallest and oldest Eucalypt, known as Centurion and towing over a hundred meters into the forest canopy, is found in the low-laying Arve River basin and competes with the Californian Red Wood Sequoias for supremacy.

Are You Ready for This?

Breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain present very different options for visitors.
Breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain present very different options for visitors.

Tasmania is full of natural wonders

The natural beauty and wonder that makes Tasmania the jewel of Australia is the reason it has been jealously guarded by those in the know. The cities teem with culture and refined elegance while rugged adventure beckons from the edge of civilization. Experience majestic waterfalls and the World Heritage Wilderness, or tour gracefully sloping vineyards and dine on the water along the famous wine routes of Hobart. Tasmania has a unique way of burrowing into the hearts and imaginations of those who visit and enriching them with culture and an appreciation of its natural beauty.

S.P. Kelly

© 2012 Steven P Kelly


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