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Top Ten Places to Visit in Arlington, Texas

Updated on April 9, 2013

Arlington, Texas is a city located in Tarrant county 12 miles east of Fort Worth and 20 miles west of Dallas, Texas. Arlington has an approx. population of 400,000 people. There are a lot of fun things to do in Arlington; ten of which are listed below ranking from 10 being pretty fun to 1 being awesome-we-got-to-do-this-again fun.

10. Legends of the Game Baseball Museum - Located in what was the Ameriquest Field but now The Ballpark at Arlington, is the Legends of the Game Baseball Museum. If you are a big fan of baseball and enjoy it a lot, then this is a good place to go. In this museum, you do not only learn about the history of the Texas Rangers, but also other baseball topics. In the museum there are many old baseball artifacts. Some are old baseball gloves, helmets, and bats, baseball cards, baseball memorabilia, and other cool stuff. Inside the museum there is also a small seating area/movie theater (but with no screen). Here, old baseball players such as Tom Grieves, Nolan Ryan, and other famous players. They also do tours of the ballpark.

9. Putt-Putt Golf and Games - Located all around Arlington are small attractive theme parks called "Putt-Putt". At Putt-Putt there is many things to do. Inside you can relax, have a soda, or snack on some nachos. Inside there is also many electronic games including shoot-em-up games, RPG games, and even PAC-MAN (yes pac-man is still around). When entering outside, you feel like you're in a jungle. There are water fountains, fake animals, luscious trees. Weaving in between all these figures are little putting greens. To play, you pick a starting point and see who can make the ball in first. There are 3 different levels; hard, medium, and easy. There are about 18 holes in each level. Outside you will also find batting cages where you can hit a fews balls. Some Putt-Putts have go-carts, but some don't. The go-carts are a lot of fun, so pick a Putt-Putt with em!

8. River Legacy Parks - River Legacy Park is the biggest park in Arlington. It is very popular due to the wide walking tracks, the openess, and the woods. The park is very big and wooded. The wide walking tracks aloow people to rollerblade, walk, bike, and jog. River Legacy also has a massive open space to do whatever you want! Play with the dog, play frisbee, or play baseball. As I said before, the park is very wooded. Back in the woods there are trails in which you can hike. There are also biking dirt trails.

7. Traildust Restaurant - Traildust is a hot-spot for many cowboys/cowgirls visiting Arlington. The food is excellent! In the middle of the restaurant is a dance floor. Usually there is a live band playing country music to which you can dance. Directly behind the dance floor is a massive slide! You take a long flight of stairs, get up there, and say "WEEEEEEEEE"! Another funny factor is their policy on neck ties. Since it is county/western, they will give you the chance to take off the necktie, or they will take a pair of scissors and cut it right off! This is very funny to watch.

6. The Parks Mall at Arlington - "The Parks Mall",as some call it, is Arlington's mall (duh?). Inside there are mannnny things to do along with shopping. Not only are there stores, but there is a movie theater, ice skate rink, food court, and many other small things.

5. The Arlington Highlands - New to Arlington is the Arlington Highlands. Its basically an "outside mall". There are many shopping locations and restaurants along the way. As they say it, you can shop, dine, work, play, and stay.

4. Six Flags Over Texas - Well we have made it to number 1! Six Flags does really deserve the number 1 title. Just north of the new Cowboys stadium and the Ballpark at Arlington is where it is located. Inside the theme park is many rides and fun things to do. I don't have much to say about Six Flags except is big and a lot of fun!

3. Hurricane Harbor - Just to the north of the Ballpark is Hurricane Harbor. Here you can find many water rides including slides, tunnels, etc. Hurricane Harbor has roughly 3,000,000 gallons of water in the whole park! That's crazy! You will certainly enjoy yourself here at this theme park.

2. The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium - As many people know, the Dallas Cowboys are in the process of relocating from Irving, Texas in Dallas to Arlington, Texas. The huge stadium (Jupiter as I call it) is literally right next door to the Ballpark at Arlington. The stadium will be completed this year, 2009. There will be many ball games including concerts! It is supposed to be the biggest stadium in the NFL.

1. The Ballpark at Arlington - The Ballpark at Arlington is located in east Arlington. It is home to the Texas Rangers and it is where they play home games (duh). If you are in Arlington when they play, you need to go! The cheapest tickets are 3 dollars! But that's 3 dollars of fun. You can sit back, enjoy a hot dog and a Dr Pepper, and cheer on the Rangers. Whenever a player hits a homerun, fireworks go off which is very cool if it is at night. Speaking of fireworks, every July 4th and other certain holidays, if the Rangers play a game on this day, there is a big fireworks show after the game. Everyone says its the best one they have ever seen. They turn out all the lights in the ballpark and play music to the fireworks. Other cool things you can do in the stadium is visit they big Rangers store, the Legends of the Game museum, and just walk around! There is many things to do with the little kids. There is a whole section in the park based off little kids. A whiffle ball park, bounce houses, and hitting contests are just a small attraction to the little kids park.

Arlington, Texas is truly a great city. Hopefully you will be able to come and visit!



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    • profile image

      Jeff B. 4 years ago

      Thanks for the article John! Any chance you could add the International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame to the list? They opened up in 2010 and have an awesome interactive experience for anyone to enjoy.

      Heck, you can even hand bowl as long as you'd like at the end of your visit! Highly recommended. Here is their website:

      Let me know if you're interested in updating this article.



    • profile image

      jessica 7 years ago

      Huricane harbor is a very nice place to get wet and enjoy getting wet with your family istead of playing in sprinkles

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      I hear ya Jim!

    • profile image

      Jim 8 years ago

      Love the new stadium in Arlington....But having grown up and sold cokes and peanuts in 1974 for the Texas Rangers, I loved the old Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs Stadium. They were the good ol days of baseball when the bleachers in the outfield was the place to be.

    • autumn102030 profile image

      autumn102030 8 years ago from hurst, tx

      L-o-v-e riverl legacy's nice, and it's sad that I haven't done or been to many of these places and i've lived her my whole life! lol