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Ten tips for traveling this summer, part 2

Updated on June 19, 2011

Here are a few more tips that you can use to make you summer travel even more enjoyable. I hope this is helpful for everyone and that you have great fun during the summer!

6. Give Notice to the Post Officer

If you are travelling for one week or more, giving notice to the post office is a good measure. The post office has a service that allows your mail to be held on the office while you are away.

Better yet, you can as the postal office to send you letters to a different address during the time you are away. You can, for example, redirect your personal mail to you office, where it will be stored while you are away. This way you can travel safely without worrying about any important letter that is waiting for you.

7. Check if your home is safe

It is important to make sure that you home is safe during the time you will be traveling. This is especially true if you are taking a long vacation of two weeks or more.

Things that you should check include: make sure all lights are turned off, that all doors are firmly locked, and that no electronic equipment is left on. It is OK to turn the air conditioner off during any time. However, if you are leaving during the winter, you should leave the heater turned on to avoid problems such as frozen pipes -- which can broken due to the cold.

8. Eat with moderation

Eating well is the desire of everyone traveling, and it is always nice to visit the best restaurants when you are in a new place. However, you should always eat in moderation when you are traveling.

During travels you body needs a lot of energy, so prefer food types that can help your metabolism. For example, fruits, vegetables, and bread are good food types. Avoid grease food, as it takes more time to digest and can make you sleepy during a time you need more energy.

Also remember to drink lots of water. During travels we lose a lot of water, and drinking more liquids (including juice) than usual will make you more alert.

9. Check your car before taking the road

If you are traveling by car, notice that your vehicle may be the weakest link in your travel plans. It is wise to carefully check your car if you plan to travel more than a few hundred miles.

Major auto shops are ready to perform quick check ups on cars, so you should consider this option. It doesn't take more than 30 minutes and can save you a lot of trouble if you end up in the middle of the road with a problem in your car.

10. Avoid trouble and have fun

More than anything, traveling is about having fun. Make sure that you are prepared with a careful planning, and you will see that it becomes easier to fully enjoy your travel.

So, before going to the next travel this summer, do you homework and put a simple plan of what you want to do and how. If you spend just a few minutes planning you travel this will provide you even more enjoyment than you imagine!


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