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The Auto Collections At The Quad Hotel Las Vegas

Updated on September 9, 2013

Beautiful cars!

Remember "wood" sides on vehicles?
Remember "wood" sides on vehicles? | Source
Such neat, classic 'lines"
Such neat, classic 'lines" | Source
Very interesting to look at!
Very interesting to look at! | Source
A three wheeler!
A three wheeler! | Source
VW convertible, so nice!
VW convertible, so nice! | Source
A VW "camper" van, even had a table to sit at on the inside of it
A VW "camper" van, even had a table to sit at on the inside of it | Source
when cars had "fins"
when cars had "fins" | Source
Beautiful colors on cars, too!
Beautiful colors on cars, too! | Source
Pretty in pink!
Pretty in pink! | Source
With British flags
With British flags | Source
Wonder how fast this one goes?
Wonder how fast this one goes? | Source
Chinese taxi, complete with Chinese flags!
Chinese taxi, complete with Chinese flags! | Source
A "Nash" ~ My husband thinks that his Aunt had one of these, they were "cute" cars preferred by women!
A "Nash" ~ My husband thinks that his Aunt had one of these, they were "cute" cars preferred by women! | Source

Check out these cars at Las Vegas' Newly Renovated Quad Hotel, you can even buy one!

Located on the fifth floor parking garage of the newly renovated hotel in downtown Las Vegas called The Quad is a somewhat hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Ok, so maybe it isn't exactly "hidden"... but we certainly weren't aware that up on this fifth floor parking garage is a showroom of fine classic and antique automobiles. These cars are not only on display there, a lot of them are also available for sale. That's right, this is a real working showroom full of cars for sale!

This attraction brings in hundreds of visitors, classic and unique car enthusiasts and potential buyers each year. The Auto Collection at The Quad hotel is open daily, for a small admission fee, which was $8 when we went. And here's a hint: sometimes by checking their website, you can print a coupon for free admission. Be sure to check the website before your visit.

The Quad hotel is located next to Bally's, right on the Las Vegas strip. You walk into what almost seems like a tunnel (in reality, it is a circular drive that brings you to the hotel entrance of the hotel). It is a little bit hidden and is definitely one of the older hotels here in Las Vegas. But it is worth seeking out and going to see this collection of classic automobiles.

In addition to the classic auto's featured on the fifth floor of the parking garage, as you are walking through the hotel, you will see what they call "Dealer-tainers" - card dealers at the game tables who LOOK like celebrities!

While were were there we saw "Don King" dealing at one table, and "Rod Stewart" at another. Dianna Ross was even dealing the cards. Now, these are NOT real celebrities but are look-alike actors, and some are very "close to the original" looking! It's fun just to walk through and see how many "celebrities" you can recognize.

When you get to the parking garage elevator, go to the fifth floor, where you will arrive at the entrance to the "auto collections." Go past the gift shop and show the attendant your free admission pass you've printed and you are there.

To walk through the entire showroom, it will take you at least an hour, probably more if you are really a car enthusiast. You can read the descriptions of each automobile and some of the car's history which is placed on signs in front of each car exhibited. There will be stanchion's and a velvet rope, and they request that you do NOT move the stanchions and that you do NOT touch any of the vehicles. But you most certainly ARE allowed to take photographs and we saw many people doing that when we were there.

Some of these vehicles are so rare there are only one or two of them in existence. There were vehicles I certainly had never seen before, like a Chinese limousine (there are two Chinese flags on the front of it). It is very different looking from limousines in the U.S. It was really interesting to see these cars, even if you don't know a lot about the "mechanics" of them, they are fascinating to look at!

There are more than 800 vehicles in the showroom. Some are famous and all of them are stunning to look at. You can see unique hot rods, cars used in movies, cars owned by celebrities, rally cars, concept cars and antique vehicles - I can't recall any other venue where you can see a collection like this, all in one showroom! It is like taking an interesting walk through history.

Featured here is a vehicle previously owned by Johnny Carson, a 1939 Chrysler Royal Sedan. It was sold to the auto collections for a mere $1.00! This is the car that Johnny learned to drive in and he used this car to go to his high school prom. It was really interesting to look at the display surrounding the car as well... and you can even watch clips from "the tonight show" while you are there.

You will also be able to see W.C. Field's 1938 Cadillac Limousine (featuring a "martini bar," which included an electric martini mixer) installed in it, probably the only vehicle in the world to have that! And you'll find Marilyn Monroe's 1955 Lincoln Capri, Mussolini's 1939 Alfa Romeo, and even Dwight D. Eisenhower's 1956 Chrysler Imperial Phaeton. You will find "one of a kind" vehicles that retail for up to $7,000,000 (yes, that IS 7 MILLION dollars!) Most of them are below $350,000 though, if that's any help!

You actually WILL even find some vehicles that sell for less than $100,000, and a lot of them will have "sold" signs on them. So, this really IS a working showroom as well as an interesting sightseeing adventure. Some people have said that you see a different collection of cars each time you visit. Because of all the cars being bought and sold here there is a constant changing of the inventory.

There are special sections to the car showroom, including a "grand salon" where you will see the best "Classic" automobiles ever made. These include Rolls Royce's, Packards, Bentley's, Ferrari's, Aston Martin's and many others.

On the "Main Floor" you can see Alfa Romeo's, Chevrolets, Dodge's, Volkswagen's, BMW's, Buicks, Lincoln's, and even Shelby's, Stutz's and Coopers! It is an amazing variety of vehicles that will vary from time to time, so even if you have been here before, it is worth another trip just to see all the new additions!

Beat The Summer Heat And Spend The Afternoon Cruising Through This Interesting Car Exhibition!

If you're looking for a way to beat the brutal heat of outdoors in downtown Las Vegas in the summer, or if you are simply a car enthusiast, you will enjoy checking out "The Auto Collections" at the newly remodeled Quad Hotel in Las Vegas. It is nicely air conditioned, totally fascinating and definitely worth checking out next time you are in Las Vegas.


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    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Thanks so much, Eiddwen! :) I'm so glad you liked it, I never used to be "into" cars that much, but I do love looking at the antique ones especially (and the unusual ones as well!) Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      HI Kathy,

      I have the plaeasure of being the first to comment and I really enjoyed this one.

      My partner's interest in cars,bikes etc is rubbing off on me.

      I vote up wihtout a doubt,

      Take care and have a great day.