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The Beach- Activities For Everyone

Updated on December 14, 2014

A Day At The Beach !

Are you a lover of the beach for swimming surfing or even just walking along the edge of the water ?

For many of us a trip to the beach is something we really look forward to and have a great day out while there catching a wave with our boogie board ,maybe a bit of rock climbing , spotting the crabs as they attempt to get out of our sight.

As kids we grab our buckets & spades so we can make sandcastles or collect small fish from the rock pools while Mom & Dad sit back ,relax & watch us contentedly

When we were younger we used to love going to Brighton beach near Christchurch in the South Island with Mum & Dad.

I think it was there we would go pippying / cock ling at low tide! Then enjoy a feast at home !

There are so many activities that can be enjoyed at the beach for all ages .

The Beach !

My Favourite Beach Activities

I am crazy about snorkeling at the moment whenever we get a chance to get in the water..

We were just away down south & even tho it is summer here & 42 degrees up this way down in Walpole its about 22 degrees & rains a lot so even though we went to some nice beaches we didn't snorkel .

We should get to do a lot of snorkelling up the coast soon!

I love it as its like another world when you put your head down under the water & see the life down there ! I loved swimming with the big blue fish and various coloured fish, sting rays etc !

Rock Climbing is fun & exploring the little rock pools where you see crabs scurrying around like they are on a mission ! It is especially fun for children discovering new things!

Boogie boarding when you have catch right waves into the shore is great fun and uses a lot of energy when the waves are right for it !

Beach Activities for couples

Snorkeling is a great activity to share !
Snorkeling is a great activity to share !

Kite Surfing

Children love exploring !

Sea Kayaking

Surfing in Australia

Surfing is a very popular past time in Australia
Surfing is a very popular past time in Australia
Great for windy days!
Great for windy days!

Turquoise Bay Ningaloo Reef

Just walk in and put your head down
Just walk in and put your head down

Games for 2, 3, or 4 players

  • Bocce or Boule

  • Softball

  • Tennis on a hard beach

  • Croquet

  • Kite flying – who can fly their kite the longest, highest or make the best figures?

  • Collect shells and other interesting items

Creative Beach Games With Sand

  1. Marble Race

    Which team can build a marble raceway out of sand and roll a marble the farthest distance? Time how long the marble rolls.

  2. Sand Figures

    Which team can make the best looking figures out of sand?

  3. Bury ‘Em

    How much time will it take to completely cover a person laying on the beach with sand? Variation: how long will it take to completely bury an opened meter stick stuck upright in the sand?

  4. Beach Artist

    Use only your fingers to draw figures in the sand. Who can guess what is being drawn?

Fun making Sandcastles !


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      7 years ago

      Thats a very good hub Freecampingaussie. I love going to the beach but not on weekends because i live in miami and you will know that miami beaches are the most popular.

      At weekends the beach if so crouded that it's very difficult to find a place to sit. Still i enjoy surfing. Thanks for this hubs:)


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