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The Beauty Underneath All the Mayhem, New Orleans

Updated on August 11, 2017

After the horrific tragedy of Katrina, no one would ever think that New Orleans could one day be as beautiful as it once was. Sure, some damage is still noticeable from the storm, but New Orleans has once again become a beautiful city to invite many people to. With its melting pot of culture, and with its overwhelming skyline, and food to die for, New Orleans has once again captured that great experience for people to come visit and partake among the cities open arms.

Being just an hour away from me, I sometimes take for granted that wonderful diversity and exquisite site of New Orleans. When driving into the heart of New Orleans, the Superdome becomes a site for the eyes to take in. And then the skyline catches your attention next. New Orleans has many massive buildings for people to look at. And with that, a few noticeable landmarks that make New Orleans different from the rest of the cities in the world. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It is something different from the normal life that people may live outside of New Orleans. I forgot just how much I love walking the French Quarter and Jackson Square with all the talent that works around those places. From street performers, to excellent painters, no one could ever leave New Orleans without being able to take a piece back with them. For me, it was like escaping the regular routines of everyday life, to feeling like I was in another world. One with horse carriages taking curious tourist around the historical and famous sites of this city, and proud Saints fans getting ready for game day by yelling out the Saints chant, “Who Dat? Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Them Saints?” New Orleans offers sites that aren’t your typical everyday run of the mill routines in other cities. And who could forget about the infamous Bourbon Street. I know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but I think that you can go ahead and apply that rule to Bourbon Street as well. Though during the day, you have a better chance of walking the famous street without having to deal with too much crowd. And there is no shortage of grabbing some of the famous drinks Bourbon Street has to offer.

If you want a taste of something different, something that no other place in the world has to offer, then I highly suggest a trip to the Big Easy. With great food and southern and historical elements that bring you to somewhere you have never been, than New Orleans is a great treat for the curious person. And who knows, maybe you too will actually see the beauty that hides beneath all the mayhem that people are used to hearing about New Orleans.

New Orleans the Beautiful
New Orleans the Beautiful

Unfortunately this city is still suffering mainly because of the high crime rate and more flooding to the city. Many Civil War that have been a historic part of the city have been removed. I feel for this city because it is still a beautiful place to visit, but I will not venture downtown anymore. It just is not safe anymore. New Orleans will always be a special place for me, but I do prayer she can become a great city again.

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