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The Best Place EVER For Giraffe Lovers ~ Wild Adventures Park In Valdosta Georgia

Updated on September 16, 2012

A Fantastic Place To Feed Giraffes! A Real Thrill For Giraffe Lovers!

Not sure what Bongo was trying to do here, maybe he thought my hair was hay?
Not sure what Bongo was trying to do here, maybe he thought my hair was hay? | Source
Bongo is the tall guy looking at the camera, they are SO cute!
Bongo is the tall guy looking at the camera, they are SO cute! | Source

The Best Place I've Found If You Like To Feed Giraffes And Get "Up Close" To Them

The very best place I have ever found to see giraffes up close and personal, and to feed them, is the Wild Adventures Water and Theme Park located at 3766 Old Clyattville Road, in Valdosta, Georgia.

We went to Valdosta in May of 2006 for two reasons, one was to see this beautiful theme park - I had heard great things about the animal experiences you could have there. And the second reason was to see country singer and songwriter, Alan Jackson. He was playing a concert at the amphitheater there.

Wild Adventures Water And Theme Park is a 170 acre theme park located in Valdosta, Georgia, which is just a few miles from the Florida state line. In addition to the animal attractions, there are a lot of water rides, as well as an abundance of roller coasters. Since Grandma doesn't DO roller coasters, oh wait... I wasn't a Grandma back then, but I still don't do roller coasters! The animals were one of the biggest attractions there for me.

There is a VERY nice train that you can ride around the park, and while we were waiting in line to ride this train, I spoke to one of the nicest ladies I had ever met who proceeded to tell me the history of Georgia, starting back in the plantation days... it was a fascinating experience in every way. And WOW, did the wait in line for that train ever go fast!

Now there is NO way I'm going to try to say which was more fun that day - seeing the Giraffes or seeing Alan Jackson... but I will say that the experience of getting up close and being able to feed these beautiful giraffes was an absolutely wonderful experience. When you feed them, you are given handfuls of carrots that bring the giraffes right over to you. The tall one is named Bongo, and I cannot recall the little ones name but he was absolutely adorable as well. Friendly, cute and VERY tall (Bongo, I was told, is over 16 1/2 FEET tall!)

But then, ALAN Jackson is also friendly, cute and very tall! Oh, don't make me choose which was more fun. While we were at the park, we also met a very nice couple visiting from New Zealand that we became friends with. We even kept in touch with them for several years after our adventure in Valdosta. People visit this fun park from all over the world. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Wild Adventures Water And Theme Park. It is well worth checking out if you are ever going to be near Valdosta, Georgia. Kids as well as adults will enjoy the water attractions, as well as the animal exhibits and rides. This is definitely a fun way to spend a summer day!

On our way back to Atlanta, we went through some very small Georgia towns, and we happened to get just in front of a CONVOY of soldiers from the 108th Calvary who were returning home from Iraq. Just to be going through these very small towns and seeing all the people who came out wearing red, white and blue, waving flags, and sitting in lawn chairs waiting for the soldiers to drive by… holding signs that said “Welcome Home” and “THANK YOU”… that was so uplifting and special. Small town Georgia is filled with a rich sense of history, patriotism, and just good country people.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Wild Adventures Water And Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia, go! You won't be disappointed. In addition to the Giraffes, the other animal exhibits are just as fascinating, and there are small stages set up throughout the park where park employees that work with the animals put on shows along with the animals. Wild Adventures Them Park is a great adventure, and it is fun for the whole family.


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    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Thank you so much WattpadHelp! :) I love giraffes, too, they have got the biggest most soulful eyes, and are just beautiful! :) Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

    • WattpadHelp profile image

      WattpadHelp 6 years ago from Richmond, VA, USA

      My favorite animal has been a giraffe since I was 5 years old! I appreciate the time and effort on this hub, Great job!