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The Best Place in the State: Minnesota

Updated on March 7, 2013
The World Famous Spam Museum!
The World Famous Spam Museum!

There is nothing quite like taking a road trip across the country and coming upon a tourist attraction that turns out to be so incredible that it makes the actual eventual destination pale in comparison. That is exactly what the Spam Museum can do. Located in Austin, Minnesota, this museum is unlike any you will ever encounter. No sooner did we enter the brick building then a personable employee told us to turn around and gaze upon the monstrous wall of 3,390 cans of spam that towered to the ceiling. It was certainly a sign of things to come.

That's a lot of spam...
That's a lot of spam...
My sister and I working hard
My sister and I working hard

"How long can this possibly take?" That was my dad's question when we pulled up to the museum. The truth is, if you want to thoroughly explore this place budget 1-2 hours. Yes, there is seriously that much to see and do. From the historical displays that describe the founding of the Hormel company and the invention of Spam, to the mock store that illustrates how grocery shopping has changed in the last 60 years, to the educational quiz game show, there is something for everyone. The highlight for my sister and I was the mock assembly line that allows you to don the Hormel clothes and test your skill at packaging up the Spam. Spoiler - I was slightly faster than her.

When you finally get around to finishing up your self guided tour and make your way to the exit, don't leave before stopping into the one of a kind Spam gift shop. From Spam t-shirts, to Spam key-chains, every Spam memorabilia you could possibly dream up is available. But most importantly of all, every possible flavor of Spam is available as well. My personal recommendation? The Black Pepper Spam. Truly, a game changer.

Where is it?

A marker1101 N. Main St., Austin, MN -
1101 Main Street North, Austin, MN 55912, USA
get directions

THE Spam Museum


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