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The Best Place to Sit on the Plane for Leg and Body Room

Updated on January 22, 2016

Looking for a little more leg room on the plane? Tired of being cramped up with little turning or leg room space? If so, there are a few premium spots on the airplane that you should consider the next time you book a flight out to your next destination. Some of these spaces will cost you and others are at no extra cost at all. Here are five places we recommend you consider.

Window Seat

If you are one looking for a few extra inches or a place to comfortably rest your head, the window seat is a great place on the plane to achieve that goal. The window seat offers you a few extra inches of space to rest your arm or head without the risk of invading anyone else’s space –particularly when the person seated in the middle seat (if a row of three seats) or individual next to you has decided to lay claim to the arm rests.


Aisle Seat

If you are not so lucky to lay claim to the window seat, the aisle seat offers one a bit more space as well –especially those with long legs. There are risks however associated with being seated on the aisle such as uncoordinated passengers attempting to stow heavy luggage in the overhead bin above your head, passengers going to the lavatory while in-flight or flight attendants pushing heavy carts up and down the aisle.

Front Row of Any Section

The front row of any section of the airplane is another great place to claim if seeking leg room. While this space affords passengers the luxury of space for their legs, there are a few downsides to being seated here, including occasional limitations of storage of bags and alternate tray table placements. Unlike other parts of the airplane where you can stow your bag beneath the seat in front of you, there are some airlines where that may not be an option if for example, you are divided from first class by a wall-like partition.

Emergency Row Exit

While you generally have to be 18 years or older to claim a spot on this row and/or willing to and/or capable to perform the functions of opening the door in the case of an emergency, the emergency row exit on an airplane is a great place to sit for additional body space.


Upgraded Seats

Consider purchasing upgraded seats the next time you fly out if you’re desperate for a little more space. If you are a plus-size gal or big and tall guy, the preferred/premium seats are perhaps the best way to gain a few inches of space. Have a few more hundred dollars to spare? First class is another consideration in that every seat is pretty much a good seat in that section. Some airlines only grant members the opportunity to upgrade to the first class section of the plane therefore, if you are one who travels often, make sure that you sign up for the various airline programs so that in time, you can increase your chances of securing a good spot on the plane.

These are just a few tips to help you find a little more space on the plane!


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      As we are vintage, the aisle is often our choice. It is easy to get out. Buying better seats is always an option we take when we travel Economy but for long flights, business and first are always better especially when you're vintage like us.