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The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Key West, Florida

Updated on June 17, 2013

Sunsets are one of the most gorgeous natural occurrences in the world. Florida is one of the places that produces one of the best and most beautiful sunsets in the world, granted that they are the best most likely at the beach or docks off the sea. Like, Naples, Florida, Key West, produces many of the most beautiful sunsets around the world.

It's Florida's (and the United States') most southern point and part of the Florida Keys, a series of islands off of the coast of Florida. Below I listed the top three best places in Key West, Florida to watch the sunset.

3.) Hot Tin Roof / Ocean Key Resort

Starting off my list at number three is the restaurant, Hot Tin Roof, and the hotel it is in, Ocean Key Resort. Hot Tin Roof is the perfect restaurant to watch the sunset and have a romantic dinner with your love. The restaurant and Ocean Key Resort is located right off the Gulf, which provides a great setting for colorful sunsets. Live music from the boardwalk below on the water can be heard through the restaurant, adding to the romantic atmosphere.

Sunset from the Champagne Sunset Sail
Sunset from the Champagne Sunset Sail | Source

2.) Sebago Sunset Cruise

Next on my list of the best places to watch the sunset in Key West is the Sebago Sunset Cruise at number two. It is a Champagne Sunset Sail where you can have a glass or two of champagne while watching the sunset on the Gulf with friends or your significant other. Don't like Champagne? Don't worry, they also offer wine, beer, and margaritas, and all drinks are included in the price. This is one of the free places if you do their water sport power adventure; otherwise it is a reasonable price. This sunset cruise in Key West is one place you will not regret!

Sunset from Mallory Square
Sunset from Mallory Square | Source

1.) Mallory Square

Last but not least on my list for the best places to watch the sunset in Key West, coming in at number one, is Mallory Square. It is a free place to watch the sunset off the ocean in the downtown area in Key West. Not only can you watch the sunset there, but you can also enjoy drinks - with a bar from a restaurant off the square, live music with an island vibe from a band or the many other musicians, and lots of other quirky street performers for entertainment. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset!

The sunset from the view at Mallory Square
The sunset from the view at Mallory Square | Source

If you ever find yourself in Key West, and want to watch the sunset, I encourage you to try out either one of these places or all, especially if you're with your love! You will definitely have a grand time and not be disappointed!

© 2012 Alyssa Scheidemann


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