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The Best Way to See the United States

Updated on November 29, 2011

I'm an American that's done her fair share of traveling across the world. After living in Paris for a semester, I realized when I returned home that I've never seen the majority of my native country! I confess, there's nothing like living abroad to make you miss home, no matter where you're from. Thus, here are a few tips for any American who has yet to see the land of the free and the home of the brave (supposedly). There are 50 states out there! How many have you seen?

My hometown


Pick up a new hobby.

'Fess up! You've been itching to learn something new, get out of your rut and do something cool. The US is filled with opportunities to flex your wings and get 'er done. Join your local ski club or boarding group. Many take frequent trips to those mountainous states you've never seen before. Or if you've never ventured to the flatter, warmer parts of the country, take that vacation you keep talking about and get surfing lessons for the whole family! Who knows, one of the kiddies might be the next great Olympian. Panama Beach Florida or Virginia Beach, VA are both great family spots.

State poll. Get it?

How many states in the US have you seen?

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Find an internship or volunteer.

Maybe you're in a dead end job. Or you're out of work. Or you want to lchange your career path--why not try out one of those internship placement programs that are popping up in places. Yes, most of them are not free, and the internships probably aren't paid, but if you do the right research you can find the right way. The Washington Center, for instance, in Washington, DC offers a program for recent college graduates, or individuals in graduate school.

If you're not interested in being a "something" year old intern, why not volunteer for a disaster relief effort? There are still places that need your help--again a little research and you can find exactly what you're looking for, perhaps in New Orleans, who still desperately needs help.

Go to school out of state.

This one is kind of linked with number 2--let’s say you've decided to go back to school. There are certainly many benefits to staying in town for that in-state tuition. But there are just as many marvelous opportunities in other states, Berkley or Northwestern, perchance? Let's say you want to do a specialized field of study or research: make the most of it! If you can prove to that institution that you're worth the investment, they may pick up the tab for you to come to them. It's all about dedication and commitment. Trust me, it's worth the effort.

Attend out of town trainings/seminars/certifications.

For those of you that love where you are, your company or your career, let your employer know that you need to make an investment in yourself. If you've got a training or online learning repository, dig into some trainings or certification classes that may include traveling. Ooh, good times! Or what about a seminar in Las Vegas or Boston? Those could be fun!

Join Living Social already.

I am not a paid LivingSocial spokesperson. The name just speaks for itself! It's the end of 2011--I really hope you have a Living Social account. Even if you can't afford an escape or adventure right now, today,start saving up. The daily emails that you get around 7am will definitely inspire you to get your funds together for a convenient drinking and shooting afternoon, or an excursion to a bed and breakfast in Montana for a romantic weekend getaway. Or perhaps a horseback ride through wine country in West Virginia? Remember, the best ones are the ones that include transportation!

Final thoughts...

What did you think of this Hub? Please let me know if you have any other additions to the list!


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