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New York Sight Seeing, Tours and Attractions

Updated on January 8, 2011

When visiting New York, you cannot go without sight seeing, visiting the attractions and doing the New York tours. When someone mentions going to New York, you automatically think of the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Empire State Building and probably Macy's but I want to tell you about things you can do in New York which are different sight seeing tours.

Why do we go to New York? I know why I want to go back to New York and the reasons I went there in the first place and for alot of people it will be the same reason - its the heart of movies, TV, the famous, bright lights and excitement.

There are so many tours to go on in New York and I'm going to start with my ultimate favourite tour which I'm sure not many people know about if they are planning their trip and that is:-

Gangster Tour of New York - This fully chauffeur driven tour takes you back through time from the 19th Century through to the 1920's and right into the modern day era. Its a truly amazing tour and it features backdrops to some of the most popular gangster films such as The Godfather, Goodfellas and American Gangster. The tour takes yo to a number of famous sites, first being the cemetery in Queens which was the location for the lavish funeral of Dan Carleone in The Godfather Part 1 and other film locations for Scarface and Mean Streets. You visit the childhood home of Al Capone, the little Italy Head Quarters of the Gambino crime family, The recording studio where Tupac Shakur was shot in 1994 which sparked a vicious gang war which then led to the death of Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious BIG. This is just a sample of the many sites and famous locations you visit on this tour so if the New York gangsters fascinate you and you want to know more then get yourself on this trip.

The Sweet Tooth Tour of New York - This does have to be another of my favourites as I have a massive sweet tooth and this was right up my street. You join an experienced tour guide who takes you on a stroll through the Lower East sides most decadent dessert boutiques and bakeries. You get to sample classic truffles to salty sweets and everything in between. A couple of the "Hot spots" for this tour is Eileens Cheesecake which is famous in New Yorks for being "the best in the city" and Bond Street Chocolate which is an amazing shop that even features a chocolate covered 24k gold Jesus! There are many more stops and sampling on this tour but keep those eyes peeled as its very popular amongst the rich and famous, but if sweets and chocolate are for you then this is a must.

New York TV and Movie Sites - Like I said earlier alot of people would love to see where the sets are for their favourite TV shows and see all the bright lights in the "City that never sleeps" and here is the tour which does just what it says on the tin with over 100 famous locations on this tour you can visit "Friends" apartment block, go on location where "Will and Grace" is filmed, The restaurant used in Spiderman, visit celebrity homes and so much more, heaven for those hoping to bump into their favourite TV or Movie star.

New York to Niagara - being so close to Niagara it would be such a shame to not visit whilst you are there. You take the scenic route past the beautiful Delaware Gap, Watkins Glen State Park and Seneca Lake and once there take the legendary trip on the "Maid of the Mist" boat tour. When travelling back you can stop of at the New York outlet stores and pick up a bargain (an believe me its bargain galore, a shoppers paradise).

So there you go a few samples of something different to the normal sights of the city, something a bit unique and if and when you do go to New York remember there is something for all tastes with their Broadway Shows, 100's of Museums, Shopping and Culture (little China, Little Italy). New York is clearly another one of my favourite places to have visited.


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    • profile image

      Cruise Pictures 7 years ago

      Nice article on NY. Enjoyed it!

    • John MacNab profile image

      John MacNab 7 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

      Thank you Vicki. We visited New York City a few years ago, but only saw the automatic sights, although we did see the steps up to the court house where Law and Order is filmed. Your suggestions will be a must when we return.