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The Delights of Traveling: Etiquette While Traveling

Updated on December 22, 2019

When people go travelling, they can be one of two people. They can be ones that try to adapt to the place they are in or they can be those people that stay exactly the same as they were back home and their behaviour can be interpreted as being condescending. There is also those type of people that come out traveling with the sole purpose of letting lose and not giving a shit about other people. You know who you are.

While there may not be a specific set of rules while traveling, there are just certain things that just seem like common sense not to while you are away.

If you are a backpacker, you are more than likely going to stay at a hostel because it is cheap and your money can go a lot further. Now, for you lucky people out there that have had the opportunity to travel, you are aware that dorms are a sharing experience. There are other people that are in the room with you sleeping. You know that not everyone is the same and what you might think is ok, they might not. So for people out that that have experienced this and for the people that are just starting their trip, these are just a few things about being in a dorm.

1) You've had a few drinks, you've gone out with the people in your hostel. You meet a cute someone and want to spend the night with them but you are both in a dorm, so what do you do? The easiest option is just to do it in the dorm because then you can both go to sleep comfortably. However, your brain isn't working too well and on one hand, you really want to do it but then you realise there will be other people sleeping in there too. So, respectfully you decided to not do it and find another option. You would think that that is how people would behave, but nope. People decide to take the easy option and just hook up in the dorm, waking up people with the fun noises they make. Just DON'T. You don't want to be the one getting woken up to those noises.

2) Now, everyone loves their beauty sleep right? Especially at 3 in the morning. While most rules that party hostels make are just "rules" That sleeping time one? Is real. You don't know everyone's situation. They might have a bus early in the morning, they might be sick, they might have had something done to them. Those people want to sleep. So, when you come home from a crazy night out, as much as you might have been the loud obnoxious one all night, be quiet a mouse when you walk into the room. PLEASE.

3) If you are one of those magical unicorns who thought it was a good idea to book a flight early in the morning, well good for you. However, if you are one of those people that go out the night before and not pack your stuff the night before because you think you can pack in the morning before you leave, well then you are no one's biggest fan at that moment. Pack the night before, it is a win-win situation. Believe me.

4) It's night time. You are having a great sleep because you are in a darkness cocoon with no windows. All of a sudden in the middle of the night, you can woken up to loud talking and the lights switched on. You're not happy are you? That's right. No more needs to be said.

5) If you are in Southeast Asia like myself, you know that there are tons of random bugs that will fly into your face at any given time. You also know that those pesky mosquitos will try their hardest to get anywhere to suck your blood. So, if you are in a place like that, please close the door every time you leave the room. THEY ARE VULTURES.

This next section is just things in general. In no way am I trying to rub my opinion on anyone, these are just my experiences and I am not trying to stereotype in any way.


1) I get it, you are in a new place most likely traveling on your own for the time and it's nerve-wrecking because you've had the same friends since birth, so making new friends can be hard. So, you start telling random strangers all the crazy shit youve done with your friends back home. Constantly. It has gotten the the point that you have told everyone at the hostel or they've heard it from someone else but by this time everyone already has an opinion of you whether good or bad. Those stories will surely bond everyone right? It can obviously go either way. But, please use your inside voice.

Or you can be that person that just walks up to people uncomfortable in seconds. I mean, either way kudos.

If you think that going up to people and asking them where they are from and then saying "thatll do." when they respond that they are from a place where the language is similar is how you make friends. Well then, everything takes practice to become perfection right?

You are on vacation right? I mean you can do the stupidest shit and when you go home, they just become epic travel stories. Note that I say can, not should. Because will they may turn into epic stories in the foreseeable future, the people that have to endure your bullshit at the present moment, they aren't thrilled. When you go to the bathroom for the millionth time because you broke the seal hours ago and you look in the mirror and you can't see youserlf because everything has gone blurry. GO HOME. because whatever you do after you leave that safe space will not be good. They may be funny, but never good.

Youve had a one night stand and in your drunken state, you've both developed an "emotional connection." You realise you're in love with each other and start making future travel plans even though you already had travel plans with the people you originally travelled with.

I mean PDA can be nice, it can be adorable. But, when it comes to a point where you guys are practically filming a porno in public, that's not ok. It's uncomfort for everyone. Espercially the poor person that has to third-wheel now that you've found "the love of you life"

Like I said, these are just personal opinions and I in no way want to stereotype anyone and group them in a category. But, I hope you guys find this relatively entertaining.


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