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The Delights of Traveling: Types of People at Hostels

Updated on November 12, 2019

So when you backpack for a while and you live in hostels for a long period you meet all kinds of casts and characters. Obviously, as mentioned in my previous posts there are also different types of hostels, so the people will be obviously be very different.

1) The Silent One

There is always that one person that is always in their bed in the room and not talk to anyone. You will try and talk to them but they will probably say less than two words to you and go back to whatever it was they were doing. They would also probably not even try to associate themselves with anyone else. The silent one can also be the craziest one. When I was in Siem Reap, there was a guy in my dorm room that never really spoke to anyone except for a few words of hello. Everything seemed pretty normal because he didn't really bother me. However, there was one night when I was just watching Netflix after a night out and I heard some very strange whisperings from him from his bed. He was in his bed, which he had covered on all 4 sides with blankets and started whispering "I am the chosen one" "you have chosen me for this task" Honestly, I had never been more terrifying in my life that we had to move rooms.

2) Fuckboy/Lad

You have definitely come across these type of guys. These are the type of guys that always need to be the center of attention. They tend to travel in packs and call what they are doing a "lad's holiday" Majority of the time, their main intention is to get as many girls as they can to add notches on their belt. They are also the type that think that they can handle their alcohol just to prove a point. It is almost like they have major cases of FOMO if they don't drink with other people and they need to drink more than others just to prove a point. There also seems to be a "lad" uniform; fanny pack across the shoulder, Hawaiian shirt with some pattern unbuttoned and fluorescent neon shorts.

3) The Overly-Cautious One

This is the type of person that travels the world for the "gram" but doesn't experience the locality of the place that they are at. They have heard or read on the internet from other people that they might get food poisoning from trying the local street food or even associate with locals because they were told that they might get pick-pocketed or robbed. They also have every type of medication you could possibly think of because their doctors tell them that they might get malaria or some random disease. I met a couple from the States that literally didn't eat any local food because they were scared to get food poisoning, they didn't go out at night to see the nightlife because they thought that they would get mugged. In my opinion, what is the point of going to a place halfway across the world and pay so much money for a flight over when you aren't going to do anything and just sit in the hostel watching Netflix and you literally do what you are going to do at home.

4) The Inconsiderate One

This person or people that don't give a shit about the other people that live in the dorm. At night, these type of people are the ones that go out, which is perfectly fine, but then when they do come home they come banging in the door and just openly talk at around 4 AM. The other type of inconsiderate person is the person that leaves super early in the morning for a flight or a bus, but they don't decide to pack until an hour before they leave and for some reason, they have about a million plastic bags that crinkles when they are packing.

5) The Sex All Night one

It is pretty evident that when you stay in hostels you will meet people and then when alcohol gets involved, things escalate but because most people backpacking live in dorms, they have to make do with what they have so they fuck in the dorm. I mean common sense would say, try and spring for a private room but anyway. I get the whole fucking once and that's it, but then there are those who fuck all night without any consideration for anyone else.

6) The Girly Girls

These are the type of girls that literally pack their entire lives to go on a trip which includes about 30-40 outfits, a full bag of make-up, maybe 6 pairs of shoes. These are the type of girls that even when they are on a beach, they need to slap everything on their face. They always have to look their best for that "perfect moment"

7) The Couple

Whether they are a couple from home or they met along their travels, there will always be that couple that spends most of their time together and doesn't really partake in any of the hostel activities. You try and include them, but they always say they are "too tired" or going to go do other things. But there are other couples that are willing to be social with other people and they are actually a great time.

These are just some of the types of people you will meet along the way on your travels. Don't get me wrong, everyone is different but hostels are always a great place to meet some pretty wonderful people.

Happy Travels!


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