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The Fabulous Kalahari Resorts in America

Updated on December 29, 2012

One of 2 Kalahari Resorts is the Kalahari Resort Waterpark in Sandusky Ohio. As you know, a Kalahari Waterpark Resort experience is essential for any true blue American. This Kalahari Resort in Sandusky has all the great hallmarks of a Kalahari Resort. You get the same African atmosphere, the same big waterpark and the same great Kalahari Resort touch.

When you enter a Kalahari Resort, you feel like you are entering Africa. Imagine. Africa in America! The Kalahari Resort in Ohio boasts the biggest waterpark in Ohio with meandering fast snakes of water slides to thrill your children senseless. Send your wife to the beauty salon while you bask in the spa with professional masseurs rubbing your sour back to health.

The other Kalahari Resort is the wonderful Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells which houses the biggest indoor water park in America. More than 130,000 square feet, it provides every imaginable water ride and amusement and more. Kalahari Resort Wisconsin Dells has the trademark African theme and the renowned Kalahari Resort hospitality. With the indoor water park, the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells offers tremendous fun for all, all the time.

If you are staying in the Midwest, there’s nothing better than bringing your family to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells for a winter break. It will be a wild ride. The children will remember it forever. Remember the Kalahari Resort Kids Song? O well… When you go to Kalahari Resort, WI, WI… When you go to Kalahari Resort WI, WI, WI Dells, O WI WI WI O… When you see pictures of the Kalahari Resort, you will know what a grand establishment the Kalahari Hotel and Resort in Wisconsin Dells really is. From the luxurious rooms to the award winning restaurants serving sumptuous kebabs, the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells is the best around the region.

In the summer, the outdoor water park opens to great enthusiasm and exhilarating fun for the entire family for there is nothing that excites children like a fantastic water park. The Kalahari Resort represents the greatest of water park fun. Going to Africa in America? You bet!


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