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The Best Casino Poker Rooms in the US - East Coast

Updated on December 21, 2014

I have had the good fortune

of doing a lot of traveling in my day. My ventures have carried me from coast to coast and several places in between. One of the things that I love to do when I travel is to play poker. Do you enjoy hitting the felt? If you are still reading this, then I'll take that as a yes. My love for the game has carried me to most of the casinos on the east coast at one time or another, so I believe I would be a good judge on this. I will be speaking strictly from my experience, and most of what I have to say will be centered around the poker rooms and their staff. The ones that I list here are the nicest, luckiest, biggest, or just best all around from my travels. Try them out at your own discretion. Here is a list of my top 5.

The Grand
The Grand | Source
Borgata | Source
  1. The Grand Casino, Biloxi, MS (Best all Around)This was one heck of a place before hurricane Katrina hit it. The staff was great, the building looked fantastic, there were immaculate views of the ocean in the dining room, and the buffet was fantastic. I won more than 10,000 over 6 weeks at this casino playing a little bit of everything. The pit bosses here are exceptional. They gave me a nice jacket for a getting a royal flush. If it is still as it was, I would recommend this place to my mother.
  2. Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ (Nicest)If you want to be where the money is at, you can't beat the Borgata. The building is absolutely monstrous, as is the poker room and everything else in this place. This is another casino that sits by the ocean, and there are some fantastic views if you are staying in the hotel. They hold some huge poker tournaments throughout the year, and love to cater to all of your high stakes gambling desires.
  3. Turning Stone Casino comes in at number three on my list of best casinos. It is a beautiful place that plays host to all sorts of wonderful events. They regularly host professional 9-ball tournaments, boxing, concerts, poker tournaments and much more. This year they'll be hosting the Turning Stone Classic XXIII in January with a 25,000 added purse. The best and most well known players in the world will be competing for their shot at a total of over $41,000.
  4. Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ (Luckiest) I owe it to Donald Trump to give him his due in this article. The hotel comped me, via a friend, a full weeks stay with meals included when I was a young man. He sponsored a pro pool tournament in 2003 and I was there to play in it. If you want to get treated well, this is the place to go. The waitresses are cute, the dealers are friendly, and the tables get hot. This hotel knows how to treat you right.
  5. Mardi Gras Casino, Charleston, WV (All Around Runner Up) This is a small casino that used to be a dog track. It was recommended to me by a friend who plays a lot of poker, so I gave it a try. The poker room has been good to me. I enjoyed the quaint atmosphere and feel good recommending it. There is amazing mountain scenery on the drive there, too!

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    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 2 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Is that your personal opinion or are you getting paid to spam for Borgata?

    • profile image

      Jordan 2 years ago

      Borgata is my personal favorite.

      This article explains why:

    • rclinton5280 profile image

      Robert Clinton 6 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      I should have titled this "best casinos" to begin with. Friendliest was a poor choice of words. Thank you for your interest and your vote.

    • Ashleymckinnon profile image

      Ashleymckinnon 6 years ago from Coleman, WI

      Love this since my husband is a poker fanatic (played in WSP). But, what do you mean by "friendliest"? Not sure what qualifies a poker room as "friendly." Vote up, nevertheless.