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The Greenish Bald Meadows of Vagamon Hills in Kerala, India

Updated on April 18, 2013

Wagmon is one of the most beautiful hill station destinations in Kerala, India and is known for its bald greenish meadows which makes it one of the most unique hill station in Kerala. The bald greenish meadows are the trademark of Wagamon and people from all different places comes here to spend a calm and quite time with friends or family. Vagamon is located in the Idukki district of Kerala and is home to some of the most amazing flora and fauna which makes this place a favorite hub for travelers and nature lovers.

I too got an opportunity to visit this place 2 months back and even though I am staying just 80 kms away from this tourist destination, I have never got an opportunity to visit this place. More over I was not at all aware about the evergreen beauty of Wagamon hills and that is the major reason why I failed to visit this place atleast once so far. But few months back we decided to make a short trip to this amazing hill station in Wagamon and I was really curious to see the peculiarity of this place.

Even though we spend only a hour at Wagamon, we were able to see the trademark of Wagamon, which are the bald green meadows. We really enjoyed our stay at this meadow and it was a really great experience. I was amazed to see the long stretch of bald meadows and these meadows extended to a great distance. This place was a hot spot for a large number of movies which include regional, national and international movies. Even while were we there, a movie was being filmed there and a huge crowd was seen over there. But since we were short of time, we didn't try to watch the filming and stayed away from there.

We reached the meadows of Wagamon at around 4 PM and the climate was really cool and romantic. The chilling breeze was flowing through the ears and we had a great but small trekking experience which really refreshed our tired minds. We walked and climbed up the bald meadows and at the top of the meadows, we saw a small ice cream vendor from whom we brought some ice creams. We felt really great at taking the ice creams under the cool climate of Wagamon hills and we continued our trek to other side of the small hilly meadows.

After that we decided to return back and once we got into tourist vehicle, a great regret started to pop up from our mind of not spending more time at the hill meadows of Vagamon. But we decided that next time we will plan much better and atleast spend a day at Wagamon and enjoy the beauty of its hilly meadows in a much better way. Still I am amazed why there meadows remain bald for such a long time and I even heard that a lot of reasearch is being conducted to find out the reason behing these meadows remaing bald forever.

But next time, if I plan a trip to Vagamon I will make sure that we spend sufficient time on the bald green meadows and have a great time over there. Actually it will take atleast one full day to explore more of this amazing hill destination in Kerala, India. The picturesque nature and calm winds make your mind cool and you will never wish to leave this place once you arrive here.

For those coming outside Kerala, the nearest airport is at Kochi which is around 110 kms away and the nearest major railway station is at Kottayam which is around 44 kms away. So if you are interested in visiting this amazing travel destination in India, then you can use Kochi airport or Kottayam railway station for your travel needs. The best time to visit this place is between October to May.


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