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Interesting Facts About Zagreb, the Capitol of Croatia

Updated on December 15, 2015

Captol Katerdala

Captol Katedrala Zagreb Croatia
Captol Katedrala Zagreb Croatia | Source


Katedrala | Source

Zagreb's History

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. Croatia has been “voted one of the 10 best places to visit” by various travel magazines and travel sites, has a plethora of places to visit, sites to see and things to do.

King Ladislaus was the founder of Zagreb bishopric. The beautiful Cathedral located on Capitol Hill was the residence of the first bishop of Zagreb. Kapitol derived its name from the Latin word capitulum, meaning (row of cannon).

Ban Jelacic square in Zagreb centre is the melting pot for the locals, as well as tourists, as it is a short distance 3 minute walk from the famous open air Dolac market and The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is the hub of Zagreb city, people gather there and chat, it is extremely common to see locals chatting for hours in Ban Jelacic Square.

Getting around the City of Zagreb

Strolling around the city, one can see the wonders and beauty, of baroque architecture with a sprinkling of more modern buildings thrown in. It’s so exhilarating to see the open skyline as you walk around town, instead of the usual concrete jungle that many capital cities around the world boast of.

Zagreb has a population of approximately 800,000 people spread out over a relatively large area approximately 247.559 square miles (

I Left Croatia when I was 2 years old and grew up in the multi-racial tropical paradise that is Malaysia , the tropical island of Penang which has almost the same population as Zagreb, but a substantially smaller land area. Here in Zagreb I find that it is so much easier to travel around as the public transport is superb, there is hardly any congestion in the city and drivers are pedestrian friendly.

At the time of writing, bus/tram cost 10 Kuna for one way.

Zagreb: A Cultural History (Cityscapes) [Paperback]

Zagreb Jelacic ban

Zagreb Jelacic ban
Zagreb Jelacic ban | Source

Sense of Wonder

I still feel a sense of joy every time I walk around town, Surrounded by the many al fresco cafes and little traditional shops selling all kinds of goods from fancy wines to gourmet chocolates.

The city square is a pedestrian haven, where people go to relax and soak in the summer sun. The cobblestone walkways are for pedestrian use only. Here is where you can feel the vibrancy of the city and its people, animatedly chatting away in the open air cafes, or strolling around with their family and friends all of them looking happy.

The gloomy forecast of the European economic downturn and the high unemployment rate in Croatia do not seem to bother the local people much, the people of Croatia or Hrvats as they are called locally, seem to have a positive outlook for the future.

Jelacic Ban Statue 1848

Jelacic  Ban Statue 1848
Jelacic Ban Statue 1848 | Source

Future of Croatia

After living here for a year and half, I believe that all the country needs, is a leader who cares for his country more than his political career or self interests; Croatia is rich in people, who are well educated and hard working, all they need is the opportunity to prove themselves.

The younger generation are great sportspeople and innovators. Croatia has a population of app. 4.5 million people, and a good leader should be able to pull Croatia out of its current economic slump.

Still a very young country, Croatia gained its independence after the 1991-1995 war of Independence. Since then the city councils great progress, in ensuring many cultural and interesting events, are held all year round in the city; for the locals, as well as tourists who visit Zagreb.

Dolac Market Statue

Dolac Market Statue
Dolac Market Statue | Source

Lonely Planet Croatian Phrasebook [Paperback]

Basic Croatian Phrases

Many Croatians do understand English, but are shy to speak. If you make an effort to learn a few common phrases in Croatian

''Dobro Yutro'' (Good Morning)

''Dobro Vecher'' (Good Evening)

''Molim Vas'' (Please)

''Hvala'' (Thank You)

Their shyness vanishes and you will find a friendly and helpful Croat trying his/her best to make you feel welcome. Another option is to go to the nearest tourist agency and you will get all the help you need.

Croatian Shields

Croatian Shields
Croatian Shields | Source

Gracec hill / old Zagreb

A must visit is old Zagreb (as the locals call it), or Gradec Hill which is its true name, with its cobblestone walkways, leading you up towards the castle battlements, passing quaint little shops and sidewalk cafes, this historical town up on the hill where once knights and royalty lived with their subjects in preparation for an invasion from the Turks.

Of course any one visit to Croatia would not be complete without visiting the famous Dalmatian coast, with its glorious scenery, pristine sea, wonderful Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches.

There are approximately 1000 islands in Croatia. The Distance from Zagreb to the Coast (Split) is 159.42 miles (


Dubrovnik is another city which has the charm of the days of yore; visitors can experience walking inside a medieval walled fortress, one of the best preserved of its kind in the world. It’s a favorite summer destination for the locals, European tourist and vacationers from nearly every corner of the world. People flock to Dubrovnik for their dream holiday, to relax and absorb the wonders of this city with its fabled scenery. Many of the scenes from the popular television series King Of Thrones and The TV series Missing was filmed on the Dalmatian coast and in Dubrovnik.

The Longest Cake Festival

Cake Festival
Cake Festival | Source

Great Cuisine

For those who love sea food it’s a gourmet’s paradise. Try the local Mediterranean dishes where you can find an abundance of variety, which of course is to be expected from a coastal region of the Adriatic Sea. For those who do not enjoy seafood, try the traditional home-made pasta with meat stew

(Pasticada) is a truly wonderful dish. After a good meal, a walk along the promenade will be a truly exhilarating experience.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb City

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The End

Dear reader, it is here that I must end my nostalgic walk down memory lane, before I retire, let me leave you with one final though, if you do decide that your next vacation will be in Croatia, expect to end your vacation with a treasure trove of fantastic photos and memories.

Traditional Croatian Knick Knacks

Traditional Croatian Knick Knacks
Traditional Croatian Knick Knacks | Source

Traditional Croatian Concert

Traditional Croatian Concert
Traditional Croatian Concert | Source

© 2013 ketage


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    • ketage profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Croatia

      Hi, thank you freecampingaussie, Croatia is a very beautiful country.

      It has become a popular holiday destination internationally. I am sure you will enjoy your vacation.

      Have a safe trip.

    • freecampingaussie profile image


      5 years ago from Southern Spain

      I enjoyed your hub + photos- makes me want to visit . We are planning to visit Croatia in the next few weeks . Voting you up .


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