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The Designer Makeover - Hotel Edition

Updated on April 18, 2013

the property

Panoramic view
Panoramic view | Source
Street sign
Street sign | Source
winter | Source
the entrance
the entrance | Source
the garden
the garden | Source
winter capture
winter capture | Source
the smoke tree
the smoke tree | Source
fall capture
fall capture | Source
room area
room area | Source

The Experience throughout the Planning

Since the planing was launched in the second quarter of 2008, radical change has been afoot. The goal when completed is to combine the historic look from a bygone era with a modern edge.

We had been long due, and we committed to this remodeling which is rather called “Extreme Makeover: Hotel Edition”.

We have worked on the bathrooms to shaping up its looks, and offer you to feel a great comfort of a restful space when you step in. With this being done we are positioning ourselves on a different scale amongst all the properties in the area, we could compete against larger properties and balance what we offer here.

If we do not have the pool and restaurant, we have/are a Historic Landmark - Frank Lloyd Wright architectural design, prairie style building, developed under the "organic" concept of the famous Architect.

"LOVE is the virtue of the HEART

SINCERITY the virtue of the MIND

COURAGE the virtue of the SPIRIT

DECISION the virtue of the WILL

The Organic Commandment 1940

Frank Lloyd Wright.

The old

Click thumbnail to view full-size
old settingshower areaterrazzo floor
old setting
old setting | Source
shower area
shower area | Source
terrazzo floor
terrazzo floor | Source

travel habits

would you participate in the effort of a porperty going green

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the new "us" - remodeled areas

lobby area
lobby area
part of the lobby
part of the lobby
the coffee shop wall
the coffee shop wall
newly remodeled bathroom
newly remodeled bathroom
shower area
shower area
water saver toilet, slick radiator
water saver toilet, slick radiator

Phase I

When we are done, we will elevate our property - The Usonian Inn, to elite positioning in the upper upscale category along those well known 5 star chain hotels. We will outperform the competition even in this small community.

We are well-positioned to make the drastic changes needed in order to ensure that Usonian Inn is as meaningful to people today as it was in the1950s when it was the only motel on US Hwy 14 between Madison and LaCross WI.

Our registered historic site - NOW,- has been enhanced and we will reflect even more a symbol of quality, comfort and excellence. We have received some statewide recognition for our Green approach and great reviews from our customers and our target audience worldwide.

We are offering a new experience opportunity for everyone that stays here, every day.

The key to the Usonian Inn future success, was creating an inviting lobby experience. These days it seems to be where people want to be. And it has to be an inviting place. (Other improvements to be implemented with Phase II)

We will extend the revitalization beyond the bathrooms, to the guest rooms, lobby/lounge, creating a signature experience through new designs and enhanced amenities.


"if you are going to stay in Spring Green area - you can't go wrong with this place. it is a great location and value - don't forget to drink their lobby coffee - it is as good as you'll find in any cafe! if you are going to visit taliesen - it will get you to start thinking of what it was like to live in another era." B.W. October 12, 2008


"We enjoyed staying at the Usonian. Large comfortable room, very reasonably priced, good coffee in lobby, great location for sightseeing, in the style of Frank of Wright. Would definitely recommend and would go back myself." M.M. November 2, 2008


"Staying at the Usonian was one of the best experiences we've had at a hotel, customer service-wise. Carolina made us feel incredibly welcome--this is the first time I want to make sure and go back to the same hotel when I'm back in town. Organic coffee in the rooms, plus espresso in the lobby to be carried back to your room on a silver tray with doilies." S.D. October 6, 2008



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    • ccdursina profile image

      Carolina Dursina 5 years ago from Spring Green WI

      Thank you for reading my post and for the comment. I have more going on here and on my blog too. Are you on Facebook?

    • profile image

      Linda Myshrall 6 years ago

      This is fantastic! I am a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright and I enjoyed this from start to finish, as I did your blog. Very interesting, Linda

    • profile image

      Jerry Horton 6 years ago

      I have loved the Usonian Inn for over 30 years of summer stays in Spring Green. I have known 3 different owners over the years and they have all been great. Carolinia, the current owner, really has pride in the Inn. Very comfortable stay in one of my favorite summer stops. Already have my reservations for this summer.