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The Most Ideal Country to Live In

Updated on March 24, 2013
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Why Leave your Own Country?

Living outside your country doesn't mean that you lack patriotism to your own country. Sometimes, we just need to live outside of our homeland due to various life circumstances. In the old times, many people have migrated to different countries because of the world war. And until now, there are still warring countries which necessitates people to flee for their own safety. Millions of people leave their our own countries for better job and income opportunity.

Below are some list of countries which are ideal places to live in as per statistics based on different factors:

Source :

2009 Legatum Prosperity Index created by Legatum Institute, an independent organization which studies countries' growth, policies and living.

Criteria : Entrepreneurship and innovations, economic fundamentals, education, personal freedom, democratic institutions, health, social capital, safety and security

Statement: "True prosperity requires more than just money"

1. Finland 2. Switzerland 3. Sweden 4. Denmark 5. Norway

6. Australia 7. Canada 8. Netherlands 9. USA 10. New Zealand


Source :

2009 The Economist's World Most Livable Cities from Mercer's Consulting Group

Criteria : widespread availability of goods and services, low personal risk and an effective infrastructure

Statement : "the most desirable destinations are those with a lower perceived threat of terrorism"

1. Vienna, Austria 2. Zurich, Switzerland 3. Melbourne, Australia 4. Vancouver, Canada

5. Aukland, New Zealand 6. Dusseldorf, Germany 7. Munich, Germany

8. Frankfurt, Germany 9. Bern, Switzerland


Source :

2009 Most Livable Cities based on Monocle lifestyle magazine (non-scientific survey)

Criteria : safety/crime, international connectivity, climate/sunshine, quality of architecture, public transportation, tolerance, environmental issues and access to nature, urban design, business conditions, pro-active policy developments and medical care.

1 Zurich, Switzerland 2 Copenhagen, Denmark 3 Tokyo, Japan 4 Munich, Germany

5 Helsinki, Finland 6 Stockholm, Sweden 7 Vienna, Austria 8 Paris, France

9 Melbourne, Australia 10. Berlin, Germany 11 Honolulu, Hawaii 12 Madrid, Spain

13 Sydney, Australia 14 Vancouver, Canada 15 Barcelona, Spain 16 Fukuoka, Japan

17 Oslo, Norway 18 Singapore 19 Montreal, Canada 20 Aukland, New Zealand

21 Amsterdam, Netherlands 22 Kyoto, Japan 23 Hamburg, Germany

24 Geneva, Switzerland 25 Lisbon, Portugal

Aukland, New Zealand
Aukland, New Zealand
Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia


Source: based on Global Peace Index

  1. New Zealand
  2. Denmark
  3. Norway
  4. Iceland
  5. Austria
  6. Sweden
  7. Japan
  8. Canada
  9. Finland
  10. Slovenia


Source :

  1. Finland
  2. Norway
  3. Sweden
  4. Iceland
  5. Canada
  6. Switzerland
  7. Austria
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Ireland


Source: 1st 4 pages in Google Search Results

  1. Irish
  2. Ukrainian
  3. Swiss
  4. Fijian
  5. Canadians
  6. Germans
  7. Scots
  8. New Zealanders
  9. Italians
  10. Greeks/Hellenes
  11. Swedish
  12. Finish
  13. Dutch


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    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 5 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      This article seems to agree with my hub

    • cbguillermo profile image

      Caroline Guillermo 6 years ago from Bataan, Philippines

      Oh, that might be an exception. The survey is based on forums and blogs in the 1st-4 pages of Google search.

      If he scares you then why do you still consider him/her as a friend?

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      My friend is Irish and he scares me.