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The Mystery of Magnetic Hill

Updated on February 11, 2010

I like something mysterious. We can find something strange around the world. Now I'll write about another mysterious place. This is kind of natural phenomenon. I am talking about the magnets. IN other side I teach about science lesson yesterday to my student. They really intend to hear what I was saying in the class. Magnets can attract objects made by metal. like iron and steel. As we know magnets divided become two parts. There are natural magnets and artificial magnets. This hub tell about the natural phenomenon related with magnet. Why this hub chose travel and place category. Because there is a place contain "huge magnet" and this place is natural phenomenon, also as a wonderful place for traveling.

This place is kind of hill or mountain. This place located in Medina, the city in Arab Saudi (middle east country). Medina city also known as the holy city for Muslim people. The city of Medina is surrounded by mountains. One of the interesting mountain is magnetic hill. Arabs people call it "jabal". Magnetic hill is located about 30 km from the City of Medina to the city of Tabuk. Approximately 4 km in this mountain region was believed had a magnetic power. The car will run with a high speed when the car into zero gear position. This is really weird and strange. Many people proof this phenomenon.

This place was taken approximately 30 minutes from the center of Medina city. The road to this area is quite beautiful. The right and left surrounded by rocky mountains. There are also trees that make the desert a little green.This mountain become recreational place for families in Arab Saudi. The left and right along this road filled with a lot of tents for rent. There are also a number of public toilets.

The street from Medina to this hill quite big. The scenery on both sides of the road is very beautiful and amazing. There are also sheep farming area, camels and palm garden. This hill become famous tourism place for tourist to watch the mysterious phenomenon. For local tourist or foreign tourist.

The witnesses said....

Because the road along 4 km in this hill is believed have a push power. The car will run faster with high speed  keep away the magnetic hill, although with zero gear position. There is a witnesses, he is a taxi driver. He drove his car for 6 years. He confess that the condition of the road that leads away from the city of Medina slightly uphill. Therefore, the influence of magnets on the vehicle was not felt. Just very hard pulled the vehicle. He had to move in first gear position. And the speed of the car  around 15 up to 30 km per hour.  While in this position is still strong in second gear. Driver believed that this is the influence of the magnet holding the car's movement.

The opposite direction when the car turned into the Medina, although the gear in neutral position. The speed of taxi car faster than before. Even just 3 km the speed of taxi shows the number of 120 km per hour.

Please watch this video

When we go to Middle East for traveling. Don't forget to visit this place. I hope we can feel the magnetic effect along the trip to Medina. Have you ever heard about this phenomenon before? I hope you enjoy reading this hub and enjoy the video. Thanks


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