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North Carolina Zoological Park: Visiting the North Carolina Zoo

Updated on February 27, 2022
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North Carolina Zoological Park: Visiting The North Carolina Zoo

NC Zoo

  • Visiting the North Carolina Zoo makes for a fun trip. The North Carolina Zoological Park is located at 4401 Zoo Pkwy in Asheboro, North Carolina. Asheboro is in Randolph County.
  • The North Carolina Zoological Park is truly a joy to visit. The animals at the North Carolina Zoological Park appear to be treated very humanely.
  • A trip to the North Carolina Zoological Park will be a fun filled world of adventure for your family.

Since I began living in North Carolina, the North Carolina Zoological Park is one place that I have really enjoyed visiting with my family. There are some large eye-catching sculptures of elephants at the front of the park. You will see them on the drive into the entrance. If you have a safe area to pull aside, it will be an interesting thing to take a photo of.

At the North Carolina zoo, the zoo gift shop is lovely with lots of items to select from. There is everything from plush animals to postcards. There are so many nice souvenirs there.

You'll have lots of fun at the NC Zoo.

A Lion at the North Carolina Zoological Park


Everyone is happy to visit the NC zoo

When you go to the North Carolina zoo, expect to walk a lot. There are many acres of land and the length of a walking trail at the park is about 5 miles. You can expect to possibly walk five miles or more but might not even notice because of all of the sights that you will see along the way. It will not feel like strenuous activity.

There are park benches along the way to sit and rest if you need to as well. At the zoo, you will find lots of families and school children on field trips with their teachers. People are pleasant and smile with others and might even strike up conversations with each other as they watch the animals. It would be rare to see unhappy or sulking people at the zoo.

Everyone is very happy and excited to be there to see all of the animals. Many of the children are just in awe of everything. It is wonderful and amazing when you see the innocent eyes of a child taking in a spectacular view that he or she is seeing for the very first time.

You might walk 5 miles but feel like you didn't as you walk around and take in the sights at North Carolina Zoological Park.

You can ride on the trolley if you would like to

The North Carolina Zoological Park is very logically divided according to geographical sections. For example, there is a section of the park aptly titled Africa and it focuses on the types of animals that are famous for being found in that region of the world. For example, the lions are at the Africa section of the North Carolina zoo.

There are trolleys that people can board to get to one area that is significantly far from another. Both youth and very elderly people can be found enjoying the views at the zoo. There are babies being pushed in strollers by their parents and strollers including double strollers can even be rented if needed by zoo visitors.

Many of the older people that perhaps need to avoid too much physical exertion can also board the trolleys as needed and use scooters or wheelchairs as well. The zoological park has many well paved trails and there appears to be many efforts made to make it physically accessible for everyone who wants to visit.

Stay cool

Be sure to wear adequate sunblock at the zoo especially on days of high heat and intense sunshine. Look for shady spots to hang out in wherever you can find them. When going to the zoological park on very hot day, you might also experience more unpleasant odors than usual coming from the animals and animal waste, depending on where you are in the park. Some areas will have very unpleasant odors but you will find relief when you move on to other areas.

If you visit the zoo on a very hot day, you might find yourself feeling sorry for the polar bears and wondering how they are doing in the heat but their exhibit is kept at a very adequate temperature for them and they can dive into the water to cool off further when they need to.

At the North Carolina Zoo, there is plenty of space for the animals to roam about

The animals at the North Carolina zoo typically have plenty of space to roam about. You will be kept at a great distance away from them and might even need to use binoculars to see them well, especially the elephants. That might be considered a downside of your visit to the zoo. Some of the animals might seem so far away from where you are standing that it will be difficult to see them well without the binoculars.

The most impressive exhibits included the polar bear exhibit and the zoo exhibit of lions. Those animals were also at quite a distance away from the viewers but not quite as far as the elephants were.

The animals at the North Carolina Zoo typically have plenty of space to roam about.

Annual membership at North Carolina Zoological Park

For approximately $75, annual memberships to the North Carolina Zoological Park can be purchased for families. For example, these annual memberships allow families of 4 to visit the zoo as many times as they want to during the year. If a family has more or fewer members, there are different price rates applied to the annual memberships accordingly.

Purchasing the annual membership to the zoo seems to be worth it because the one family of 4 might have to spend upwards of $30 at the entrance to the zoo for just one day visit to the zoo.

Getting the best deal at North Carolina Zoological Park

When presented with the opportunity to take the annual membership instead, many families will think that it is worth it and the annual membership is marketed very well at the North Carolina Zoo. The customer service in the zoo ticket sales is excellent and the workers will act sincere and genuinely interested in helping your family to get the best economical deal to enjoy the zoological park. With just three visits to the zoo during the whole year, the annual membership already pays off and some families will find the excursion to the zoo so enjoyable that they will go often during the year.

Some of the other zoos that I have been able to visit include the Bronx Zoo, the National Zoo in Washington, DC and the San Diego zoo. The North Carolina Zoological Park is also a very good zoo to visit. There are many merits to being able to visit a zoo to see all of these amazing animals.

Very interesting

At the North Carolina zoological park, you can see polar bears, lions, elephants, turtles, crocodiles and alligators and more. This hub includes some photos of the above mentioned animals at the North Carolina zoo.

Of course it’s very splendid to get a view of the most majestic animals but there are also smaller animals such as birds and insects to view in their habitat exhibits. They are very interesting as well.

Remember, when visiting the North Carolina zoo, you might want to take along the following:

  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen that you should already have on but might feel a need to reapply
  • Rain Umbrellas or ponchos, depending on weather conditions. If it is a sunny day and not a rainy day, you might even want to take along an umbrella that will be protective from the sun.
  • Your camera
  • These and other things that you might feel that you need can be kept in large handbags or backpacks.

Pay attention to how you feel and stop to sit and rest if needed.

Eat and have beverages as needed. Stay well hydrated and nourished for the physical activity.

If you are in the area and decide to go, then may you enjoy your trip to the North Carolina zoo!

A polar bear at the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, North Carolina

A warning at the polar bear exhibit at North Carolina Zoological Park
A warning at the polar bear exhibit at North Carolina Zoological Park
A large turtle at North Carolina Zoological Park
A large turtle at North Carolina Zoological Park

What animal exhibit do you think that you would be most excited to see at the North Carolina Zoo?

Among these choices, what do you most want to see?

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Summary of examples of what to bring on your trip to the North Carolina Zoo

money for snacks or meals and beverages
money for souvenirs, if desired

How do you feel about possibly walking approximately 5 miles while seeing the sights during your outing to the zoo?

Would you enjoy the walking?

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NC Zoo

View of NC Zoo from drone

The North Carolina Zoological Park

5 stars for The North Carolina Zoological Park

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