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The Real Scottish Temperament

Updated on October 9, 2010

Dispelling the Myths

For five years the British Government have been trying to promote Scotland as viable tourist destination to the American people, after a little success they decided recently to carry out a survey to learn the average Americans perception of Scotland and its people.

Having just read the results of the survey, and having just stopped laughing, suppressing a giggle as I type, I thought to myself that I should do my part for Scotland and try to help educate the people of America, and hopefully have a little fun in the process.

Lochness Monster


Some people said that they would never visit Scotland because it is a backward country.

If you are reading this page you will note that you are surfing the Internet yes it is true Scotland has the Internet, we even have broadband, apparently there is some question in America as to whether the internet has reached Scotland yet, along with electricity, the microwave oven and the light bulb, hang on a minute, I just have to change the candle, ok I'm back. Sorry I took longer than expected I was just winding up the gramophone.

The People

According to the survey Grounds keeper Willie is how Americans see the Scots people," He personifies the Scottish temperament" grouchy, angry and always ready to fight, this I assure you is not true and if you don't fu****g believe me come and tell me to my face I will knock some sense into you.

The typical Scotsman is a kilt wearing, bagpipe playing Neanderthal. On special occasions, yes some of us do wear the kilt, and yes at those occasions there will be a bagpipe player but not all of the time, oh and sheep are not scared of us, they love us really.

The American people questioned did have a good grasp of Scottish history, they know about the Lochness monster and Sean Connery, both the most recognised Scottish icons, they know about William Wallace and Robert Burns but they could only name one famous Scottish Person who is alive today the already mentioned Mr Connery.

I hope I have help to clear up some of the myths relating to Scotland and have encouraged you to think about a Scottish vacation, after all if the Scottish tourist board and the Government can't convince you to pay us a visit what chance do I have lol have fun.....


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    • profile image

      Evansasanka 4 years ago

      One to remember for a junoir memberArrived at Glengavel today and chatted to one of our junoir members (Barry Fee) and his dad. Barry recently started fly fishing but after 6 outings he hadn't landed a fish from Glengavel and he was getting a bit fed up. Luckily I hooked what seemed a decent fish, so; shouted on Barry, got the slack line on to the reel and handed the rod over and I took the net. Barry played the fish brilliantly, it was obviously a quality fish, possibly over the 3lb mark, Barry kept the rod up, let the fish take line when it wanted it and the big cracker was soon on the surface and ready for the net and thankfully I didn't make a mess of netting the fish. After a couple of photos and big smiles, the fish was held in the water for less than 30 seconds when the big tail flapped and the fish scooted off to fight another day. (Alby will add the photos)It was great to see another junoir, Sean Figgins getting to grips with his casting and after an hour or so he was casting a nice fly more often than not and I wouldn't be surprised if he tempted a fish from the murky water, with his silver Invicta. By my reckoning we could have a junoir team entry for next years 3 man team competition and who knows they could be a team to be reckoned with, might even win the overall competition.I enjoyed my couple of hours fishing, sadly no fish for me but had a good craic' with our water baliffs Alec and Billy together with Alby and Sean; who were sitting out front of the boat house, lapping up the sun, enjoying a cuppa and sharing some fishy stories. A nice day all round.

    • profile image

      Pat Mabawbag 7 years ago

      Well, I am Scottish. Not back in time, now. Not half-this and half-that, full blood. You all are a load of eejits that can stay in Americaland and Canadia. Bumped into this page looking for Stupid Scottish People. Should've looked for Stupid People Thinking They Were Scottish.

    • profile image

      Jen Cook 7 years ago

      Thank God I'm normal somewhere!! I'm of Scottish descent by about 4 or 5 generations out. So, anyone could imagine how lost I am not knowing what my ancestor were remotely like.

      Living the "American" life isn't what it's cracked up to be. If you love money, it's the place for you and it will control you. I'd rather have old world life myself. But that is funny how everyone wants what everyone else has.

    • profile image

      Keith Patrick Larsen  7 years ago

      My father is from Norway and my mother's parents are from Glasgow. And I'm my mother's son. Ruddy faced and blue eyed. Even my Dad said I look 'Irish'. And you know what? I got in a fight tonight!

      I ordered pizza from our local place. I was told it would be 40 minutes. It came 1 hour and 15 minutes later. My 4 year old daughter was crying to eat and go to bed. And I had to give her a bath. I was FURIOUS. I blasted the delivery guy, stiffed him, then had my wife (she's of Irish McDonald descent and more temperate than me) call the place to complain. I would have called but I figured if I did we would have been banned. She got us a free salad next time we order though.

      Scottish temperament? Yeah, I got it. We're 'fine'. But don't F*ck with me :)

    • elayne001 profile image

      Elayne 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Loved your hub - I was in Scotland this summer and thoroughly enjoyed my visit - only it was not long enough. We stayed in Loch Rannoch where it is so beautiful, but then all of Scotland is. Hope to return some day. BTW - I tasted haggis - not my favorite : )

    • profile image

      jimmy hasty 8 years ago

      does anyone know the name hasty?

    • profile image

      jimmy the hill-billy 8 years ago

      lex. i'm just south of you. berea. be proud of you're heritage.

    • profile image

      jimmy the electrician 8 years ago

      some-day i'm coming home & i can't wait. hope i don't die before i make it! i'm 50 i will retire when i'm 60. if i make it i will be there!

    • profile image

      jimmy hasty kentucky mountain man 8 years ago

      i'm a mix of scott, irish @ cherokee - so you should never give me firewater!

    • profile image

      jimmy from america 8 years ago

      are all jimmys' like him

    • profile image

      Wildcat 8 years ago

      I'd like to know where they submitted their survey, because I haven't met a soul that doesn't know where Scotland is and none of them have thought it was a backward country. Seriously, people thought it was backward? Please tell me that was a joke.

      My family has wanted to travel to Europe for years, especially Scotland and Ireland. [I'm not sure you all would want the Hatfields back over there. ;o) ] Any way, I even wanted to go to a design school in Edinburgh, but wasn't able to for the same reason we haven't been able to take a vacation since 1987, a complete lack of moolah. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream of the day a rich, unknown, distant uncle kicks the bucket and leaves us this massive inheritance, which the government would immediately take a hefty chunk out for themselves.

      Jewls, honey, I know your pain. :o) I'm from Kentucky, Lexington to be exact, and whenever I travel to other cities or meet people from other states I tend to get the attitude that everyone from KY are just a bunch of stupid backwoods hicks. There are stupid people all over the country inlcuding New York and Los Angeles, but the biggest difference between their idiots and KYs is we can't keep our morons off the television. (Reference the "Duct Tape Bandit")

    • 5mile741 profile image

      5mile741 8 years ago

      I am an American that is obsessed with Scotland and would love to take many Scotland vacations. There I admitted it.

      If most of the Scottish were like grounds keeper Willie then I am afraid the Scotland tourism would be through the roof. Oh, does Craig Ferguson count for a famous person from Scotland. If you aren’t an insomniac than you might not know him. His show is on really late.

      Visit me at

    • profile image

      jewls 8 years ago

      I am from North Dakota in the states and we get the same reaction as you do,ND is unknown to a lot of people, not sure if it is because we are next to Canada or what... they don't believe we have electricity, Internet,.... We usually just play along and tell them that we are expecting to get electricity any day, and plumbing is next year... lol.

      Scotland is definitely on my to do list.

      lets just hope for your sake that the people who are clueless don't come to visit, they are most likely more trouble than they are worth. lets keep the beauty of Scotland to those of us who can actually appreciate it.

    • Gordon Hamilton profile image

      Gordon Hamilton 9 years ago from Wishaw, Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

      I like it. It's good to laugh. I have a lot of web pages about tourist destinations I have visited throughout Scotland and they get a lot of very favourable comments from the US.

    • aprilkerr profile image

      aprilkerr 9 years ago from UK

      I'm Scottish and when my parents were on a cruise ship in Hawaii most people didn't know where Scotland was or thought is was in England. However on my photo blog I get a lot of comments from people saying that they would love to visit Scotland.

    • profile image

      owlbio 9 years ago

      I love Willie the grounds keeper... reminds me of practically every one in my family in Tennessee (USA). While they are a gracious, hospitable, and welcoming clan. They might, in a moments notice open a bottle of whiskey, play a tune and begin to dance then fight, call off the party and not see one another for five years. When it would all begin anew. I think they (we) are Scottish.

    • VickeyK profile image

      VickeyK 10 years ago

      Ummm. . . you have airports, right? Or do we have to ride horseback from Wales or someplace?

      Cuz of course, living out in the American West, we don't go nowhere unless we can ride a horse through Tombstone on the way.

      When I hit the ultimate bestseller list and have a umph as much money as J. K. Rowling, I will be there!

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 10 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Jimmy - why are you doing this to us? For a Scot even to mention Wallace and Connery seems more than a little defensive. As for the cartoon - come on mate - it's 50's, at best.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      I'd love to visit - I saw a documentary about Edinburgh and thought it was gorgeous.

      But yes, most Americans' perceptions of other nationalities are based on what they see on the Simpsons! ;-)

    • profile image

      Jeff Collins 10 years ago

      It would be hysterical if it wasn't so pathetic. I love my country but sometimes I want to smack the collective lot.

      I can't wait to go (Summer '08 for 10th anniversary). My biggest issue is I have a good idea I am not going to want to leave.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      I'm due for a visit as well.

    • Marye Audet profile image

      Marye Audet 10 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

      well I guess I am the only american that longs to visit..someday someday is on my list!