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The Reasons

Updated on November 29, 2014
Alley Spring, MO
Alley Spring, MO | Source

Long road ahead of me

Impact on my body minimal in comparison

Loneliness creeps closer with every cyclist that passes

Not able to keep up both limits are known to me

I peddle and walk my journey

My life


Only when air empties from my lungs

These days are hardest steep grades

Look like walls stacked on one another each steeper each daunting

Each taunting

My will

Weakens at times

Screaming at the mountains they bring me to my knees

On my back gasping all forces of nature against me

Others have passed I must as well

Promises to keep and stories to tell

Relating My Journey my life to you

You won't understand or even fathom it all

All the beauty, the ones I've met

The will meets that take me farther

I am as far as I can get

Through the Ozarks, Kansas, the Rockies and more

I can't do it alone if I remain the same as before

Change on my own grow as I need to or be forced to change and be stuck in a cell

Unable to be true feeling, thoughts, love, anger will all die and be replaced by

Nothingness the world shares freely no hesitation

Don't stutter bring me your fireworks stand

Green tables beers in hand

Moose drool and cameras

Savor the moments remember the stand

Little eyed Warrens old theatre packed full of others memories

Black and whites portraying photographs of the same in card games

Chandeliers hanging like vines thick intertwined

Perfect in their place at home more there than the homes they were in

Just like me


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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      "you won't understand or even fathom it all"- I do Bud! I understand the physical difficulty of those mountains. I dig a little of the rest too. God bless you Sir!