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The Safest Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

Updated on September 17, 2013

Safest Neighborhoods in Washington, DC, Best places to live in Washington, DC, best areas to stay on vacation

Having lived in Washington, DC for over three years and researching where I would want to live before hand, here are what I deem to be the safest neighborhoods in Washington, DC based on the familiarity I gained with the various neighborhoods.

Washington, DC is separated in four quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. All of the neighborhoods that I deem among the safest and name in this article are located in the Northwest.

1. Georgetown

Sometimes people complain about difficulty driving in DC and complain about all the roundabouts but DC is a very easy city to navigate. Whether you choose to travel by mass transit or in a private vehicle, you are not likely to get lost easily although you might get stuck in a traffic jam sometimes. In a very centralized location is Georgetown, a very happening part of the city. It takes up much of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. It is so quaint. The streets in this area are clean and the storefronts are charming. There are many different types of shops including privately owned ones as well as chain stores. In the area, you can find Nine West, Urban Outfitters, MAC, Sephora, The Body Shop, Hitched wedding boutique, Barnes and Noble and more. There is also the movie theater and lots of great restaurants. The University is nearby but not in immediate proximity to all of those stores.

Beyond the main thoroughfares of M Street and Wisconsin Avenue, there are also small side streets along the way. These streets become surprisingly quiet compared to the main streets with the shops and restaurants. People can reside peacefully in homes on these sides streets.

2. Glover Park

When you make the right turn from M Street to Wisconsin Avenue and keep driving on up, you will pass Georgetown with all its shops and briefly head into even quieter territory. A left on Calvert Street will take you headed into Glover Park which is truly quaint. You can rent or own and the houses are older but nice and spacious. There are trees offering lots of shade and small parks where you can sit or take a child to play on the swings.

3. The Palisades

If you had continued straight on M Street instead of turning up Wisconsin Avenue, you will soon come to the Palisades area. You will know you are on the right course when you pass the reservoir. If you choose to live in the Palisades, you are likely to pass the reservoir on your daily commute. You'll enjoy the peaceful and calming view of the water especially at sunrise and/or sunset time.

The Palisades is definitely a safe neighborhood with great access to places of worship and quality elementary schools. There are also a few small restaurants, Starbucks, UPS, the dry cleaners, the post office, banks and the neighborhood Safeway supermarket.

4. Friendship Heights

Well, now we're back on Wisconsin Ave. If you had made that right on M Street to get on Wisconsin Ave and kept traveling straight up the road even past Calvert Street (which would have taken you into Glover Park), you will eventually get to Friendship Heights just nearby.

Just as you would enjoy the daily view of the reservoir if you were commuting to and from the Palisades area, you would thoroughly enjoy at daily view of the magnificent National Cathedral if you were commuting to and from Friendship Heights. This is of course if you need to travel up and down Wisconsin Ave. by car or bus.

Georgetown, Glover Park and the Palisades, the neighborhoods I have mentioned thus far are not accessible to the metro (train). It has been said that many criminals and petty thieves are likely to hop on the train for quick access to and from the area where they commit a crime. With this theory, it is not surprising that the safer neighborhoods are not close to train stations.

In Friendship Heights, you will be closer to the train station. That area is also bustling with its own stores, restaurants and places for entertainment nearby. Near that area, you will find Tenleytown and American University, the mall, TJ Maxx, a movie theater. You might also enjoy going to the Cheesecake Factory. Not every city is lucky enough to have one of those.


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